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RULE 1: The sole discretion as to whether or not you story is ultimately usable will entirely be based upon the findings of Clovis and Laserkid, no other circumstances will assure approval. We may later appoint subordinate approvers, but at the time of writing this we have none. If this changes, we hope to remember to edit this; but please, donít beg to be one.

RULE 2: We have a strict one whole page minimum policy; unless youíre instead writing a poem, we wonít accept any material that doesnít at the very least meet this simple checkpoint. However, because of this special case leniency, more will be expected qualitatively out of poetry than we would ever demand of prose.

RULE 3: We already have a place for political attacks on the forum, our story section is not this place. Therefore, we need not receive your thinly veiled party attack metaphors as story submissions. The content of Ultra Publications strives to remain politically neutral; and thusly, we do not care how clever you might think you are with your metaphorical sniping. Therefore, stories that later go on to violate this rule will retroactively have their original submission be rejected, and subsequently be deleted from the website. If youíre afraid that something might be unintentionally misconstrued as a political party attack, feel more than free to ask us about it before you release the chapter.

RULE 4: We are not your copy editors; and even if your submission is approved, we will indefinitely delay putting a chapter up until you take the effort to make it properly presentable. To this end, we will in the near future endeavor to create a grammar guide article on the correct use of commas. Lastly, it will not be a pleasant night for you if we have to remind you to run a spellchecker; or, if we can prove - without any effort - that you clearly never again laid your eyes upon it after writing the last word.

RULE 5: If, on a serial project, there is a sudden dramatic drop in quality, no new chapters will be added to the story section until after we all have a pleasant discussion together with you in the chat room. If you are afraid that your next chapter is going to prove a problem to us, please ask us in advance so we can pre-weigh in without needing to schedule a meeting. However, donít worry, the natural fluctuation of whether or not a particular chapter contains interesting events will never trigger this.

RULE 6: On even the most kickass stories, we can not possibly begin to judge its merit with just a single chapter put forth on the table. Please refrain from asking the staff if itís approved yet until you either have posted three chapters on the forum, or have a combined total of over 10 pages in the form of a minimum of at least two chapters of valid length.

RULE 7: Whenever logically applicable, this rules we also be applied to submission to other parts of the website. If you seek to submit something that doesnít fall under the category of Prose & Poetry, please feel free to ask us about any differences the rules of that section may have from this list presented here.

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