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Retro gaming is always something fun, as its good to remember the older games, the fun (and not so fun) moments of yesteryear. None of these are cutting edge anymore, and finding a new copy of any games reviewed here will vary in difficulty. However, knowing whats worth hunting down, or downloading onto the upcoming Nintendo Wii Virtual Console feature, is still valuable knowledge.
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  • Phantasy Star II - 3/8/07, by Mystik (Staff)
  • Phantasy Star III - 3/8/07, by Mystik (Staff)
  • Phantasy Star IV - 3/9/07, by Mystik (Staff)
  • Shining Force - 3/11/07, by Mystik (Staff)
  • Shining Force II - 3/11/07, by Mystik (Staff)

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