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Videogame Reviews

Top Ten
Baroquefor Wii Laserkid (Staff) 9/7/09
Litfor Wii Clovis Dye (Staff) 8/10/09
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreamsfor Wii Clovis Dye (Staff) 8/9/08
On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode 1for PC Archangel (Staff) 6/8/08
Mass Effectfor Xbox 360 Thunder God X 4/22/08
Dragon Blade: Wrath of Firefor Wii Laserkid (Staff) 11/29/07
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2for Wii Laserkid (Staff) 11/23/07
Mega Man 2for Cellphones Clovis Dye (Staff) 9/20/07
Ratchet and Clank: Going Mobilefor Cellphones Clovis Dye (Staff) 7/06/07
Resident Evil 4for Gamecube Miss Chief (Staff) 5/29/07

Ah videogames. Our fanatical love of them drives us to tell others about them. Ones that rock, and ones that suck. All this so that we can share experiences and learn from one another. But many websites' game reviews can get quite over the top complicated, and most annoyingly of all, jaded to the point where NOTHING is ever good. We here at Ultra Publications strive to combat the forces of the jaded fuck reviews, and the overly complicated reviews and bring you what we believe is the best game reviews out there. Of course, we must pay homage to our mentors at X-Play as their 5 scale rating is the basis of ours. No multiple numbers, just one for everything together, while we tell you about everything. Thus enter the review areas and have some fun learning whats awesome, and what sucks.

The Rating Scale

5Near perfect/perfect. If you're a true player, these games will undoubtedly be in your collection, or at the very least you'll have played them until the cartridges and CDs melted. If a game gets a 5, and you like the genre, you should buy.
4Very good. Games that are at the top of all our lists, but are missing that strange intangible aura of perfection, and unfortunately that's keeping them from getting in the realm of the almighty five.
3Good. Fun to play, pretty solid titles, with a few minor flaws. Most games will probably fall into this category. They're the games that if you like the genre, or liked other similar titles, you might consider giving it a good look. Otherwise, you might not be into it.
2Alright. These games are fun, with some good points, but nothing special. There's definitely a few specific things holding this game back. Wait until the price comes down or pick it up as renter to check out some of the things it does right.
1Hated it. Do not buy this game. Not even worth the bargain bin. Run from it. Escape!! Escape!!

*Descriptions taken from the explanation of the X-Play 5 scale from Wikipedia's X-Play article.