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The Private PSO Server Connection Guide!

So you've just found Fuzziqer's Phantasy Star Online Episode I&II Private Server for Gamecube have you? But you don't have a fucking clue how to connect to one? Well that's what we're here to solve. If you want to maintain your own server, I will also be writing a guide on that in the future but this is not it. This guide assumes that you have obtained the IP of the server you wish to connect your gamecube onto and have a gamecube Broadband Adaptor (I will make guess work for the dial ups as it should be a similar idea, but I dont have anything but hypothesis in reffrence to such). With that all said, I've taken images to help you figure this all out, however they are huge, so this guide will be split into 11 pages, one for each image and a description of what they mean below. If you have any questions about THIS GUIDE, feel free to E-Mail Me. If you email me asking me the IP of my personal server, you won't get any answer, so let's not waste either of our time eh? With that said lets move on to...

Step 1