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Welcome to the Ultra Publications Prose and Poetry section. Here in we have a variety of original written projects, of various forms, from both us as well as you the readers. From Fantasy to Science Fiction, from Contemporary to Contemplative, it's all here if you'll but spare a moment of your time on the interwebs to stop clicking that porn and read some of it. Remember: if you find something here that you like, it's nice to let the writer know about it.

The Eye of Nightmares
The Eye of Nightmare Description
Prelude: Waiting for Godot Laserkid
Chapter 1: Homeland Laserkid
Chapter 2: The Twilight Promise Laserkid
Chapter 3: Sayonara Laserkid
Chapter 4: The Appearance of a Stranger Laserkid
Chapter 5: A Flair for the Dramatic Laserkid
Chapter 6: The Promise of the Dawn Laserkid
Chapter 7: Admit One to Freak Circus Laserkid

Path to Greatness
Description Forthcoming
Chapter 1 Myuu
Chapter 2 Myuu
Chapter 3 Myuu
Chapter 4 Myuu

Reign of Fire
Description Forthcoming
Chapter 1 Jason Paul
Chapter 2 Jason Paul
Chapter 3 Jason Paul
Chapter 4 Jason Paul
Chapter 5 Jason Paul

Rogue Dreams
Rogue Dreams Description
EPISODE 1: WISHES Miss Chief (Staff)
EPISODE 2: RIVAL Miss Chief (Staff)
EPISODE 3: NEMESIS Miss Chief (Staff)
EPISODE 4: SCHOLAR Miss Chief (Staff)
EPISODE 5: ARCHER Miss Chief (Staff)
EPISODE 6: FOUNDATION Miss Chief (Staff)

Vampire Thunder
Vampire Thunder Description
Prelude: Chains of Destiny Laserkid
Chapter 1: Trapped Laserkid
Chapter 2: Prejudice Laserkid
Chapter 3: Miracles Laserkid
Chapter 4: Mother Laserkid