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Chapter 6: The Promise of the Dawn

The town was mostly intact – outside of a very central area that had been set ablaze and had been witness to the violence done within it, the loss of life however had been high. For Alexander Starlin, the loss of both his mother and his best friend was the hardest to bear, however before it had even come to that, it seems that many other villagers had either been slain or taken off in a horse cart the Danvers’ had commanded – to fates unknown.

There had been much work that night to put out the fires, identify the dead, and to bury them. So long had this process taken that even with the aid of the stranger, Kydo Randall, the morning sun was beginning to rise overlooking the small graveyard behind the town chapel, as if to comfort those there.

Alexander looked down at the gravestones for his mother, which was next to his father’s, as well as the empty grave for his brother. Tears welled up inside of him and though he tried valiantly to keep them, the floodgates opened, “Now, I am truly alone.” He whispered to himself, falling over forwards to all fours, “Why did this have to happen.” He said at a normal level.

Next to Alexander, Kydo Randall stood in reverence, as his trench coat billowed in the wind, he removed his hat and placed it over his heart, “In this world, there are people who wish only the best for themselves, and others.” He paused, “This town appears to be full of that type. However, there are also those who care nothing for the suffering of others, and beyond that are those who relish in the suffering of others. The pair who came to this town are amongst that final category. When people such as that appear, there is little that can be done to prevent suffering completely. We can only do what we can do – your family and friends died to keep you alive, they died for you because they were of the first kind I spoke of. Because the world will always have good and evil souls, both tragedy and miracles can occur. Know that they are now residing in paradise, and that you should live by their example. That is all I can say.”

Alexander stood up high in response to this, holding the holy sword that was once his brothers aloft into the sky, “I will not allow a tragedy like this to occur again. If there can be miracles in this world, then I will make sure these town raisings are stopped! On my life, honor, and in memory of my Mother and Big Bear, I so swear it!” Alexander said with conviction.

As Alexander made his proclamation, his sword began to glow a brilliant white, and discharged itself into the sky.

Thy vow hast been acknowledged.

Alexander turned his head in confusion, “That voice again, where is that coming from?” He said in confusion.

Kydo looked at Alexander in shock for a moment. He quickly composed himself, however, including pushing his sunglasses back up to the bridge of his nose. “It seems your sword has resonated with you. The Paladin Order will be able to explain that far better to you then I can. He turned his head to the oncoming priest who was followed by a group of nuns, they were heading to the exterior podium by the back of the church.

“Everyone, everyone, please rest your efforts for now.” The priest said to the various people in the graveyard – and everyone turned their attention to him, “As all have been buried, I would like you to please join me in service, the dead deserve as much.”

The priest held his hands out, “As Oriceme, the first Paladin said to God, ‘Lord, I adore thee, but I fail to see thine wisdom for allowing the taking those dearest to thee and thy followers, but not taking the vermin of our world, Forchino, with them’ it is likely we wonder why God has allowed our beloved to perish, and for the murderers to live. However, as the Lord God replied, ‘If I were to live thy life for thee, then no tragedy would e’er be permitted, but then thine pursuits would be predestined by mine own might. I shalt assist they who call for it in defending life, but I shalt ne’er directly take the life of any of my creations.’. Our lord God wishes for us to be free, and to make our own decisions, as such great sadness may occur, but achievements of our own making are possible that are greater than any granted gifts would be. The pain of this loss may be great, but the gift of the lives saved by the heroes fallen and living in this town is testament to God’s righteousness! Miss those we have lost, but never turn to hatred, but be relieved that those that fell are now in the graces of God for eternity.”

The priest lowered his hands and the nuns behind him began to sing a hymn. Alexander recognized it as his mother’s favorite, the Hymn of Aurellios – a tale of a warrior of evil turned to the light of goodness through the love of a woman.

Kydo Randall kept his hat over his heart, and began to sing along, and a tear fell down his head, he paused only briefly, to whisper under his breath, “I have not forgotten, Marianne.” He then continued to sing along to the hymn all the way to its conclusion, at which point service ended and the priest and nuns attended to specific parishioners on an as needed basis.

Kydo turned to Alexander, wiping a tear from his cheek – noticeably careful not to remove his glasses, “I have a promise to fulfill for your mother, and the sooner we get to the Paladins, the sooner we can send reinforcements to your town. The Danvers will likely return to devastate this town further, if we do not send help there will be no home for you to return to.”

Alexander nodded sadly, and the two began to head to the stables before the priest tapped Alexander on the back.

“Alexander, I see you have taken up your brothers Paladin Sword in defense of this town, and I noticed you made a vow on it before services. I assume you are heading to their academy?” The priest queried.

Alexander nodded, “Yes Father Quist.”

Father Quist smiled, “Your family has always stood up in times of need, your father, Alturius, would be proud. Given your heritage you should have little trouble gaining access to the head trainer, Lucien, but just to be safe take this with you. It will verify you to them.” He said as he handed Alexander an amulet with a carved sun in it, “Only a recruit sent by me would carry this, and it should help you on your way. I am sorry there is little else I can do to help.”

Alexander smiled closing his hand on the amulet tightly, “No, I thank you father for your kindness in this hard day. The one who saved me, Kydo Randall said he would escort me there, so I should have little trouble getting there.”

Father Quist looked at Kydo Randall, “We are in your debt, Sir Randall. May God watch over you both on your voyage.”

Kydo bowed, “What kind of action hero would I be if I didn’t do this much?!” He grinned slightly, “Besides, your song was more than any payment could ever be worth to me.” He laughed a bit before Alexander bowed and the two left.

“Father Quist, is it wise to hand the last Starlin off to a stranger?” One of the nuns asked as they left.

Father Quist smiled brightly, “It would be, were he truly a stranger.” He laughed a bit before returning to his duties, leaving the nun very befuddled.