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The Pan-Cako Zone - Under Construction

Chapter 5: A Flair for the Dramatic

Darren stopped sitting on Alexander’s back and stood up, facing this new opponent, he chuckled darkly to himself, “So another lamb comes to the slaughter. This is a most fortuitous day!” He said excitedly.

As her apparent normal reaction to things around her, Charlotte ignored the new visitor while she was viciously carving into the back of Aida Starlin.

The stranger set one of his guns down, laying it on his leg while he used his free right hand to adjust his sunglasses back up to position, before taking the gun back in his hands and after re aiming it at Darren, pulled the trigger on the weapon, creating a thunderous noise in the process as two bullets whizzed outward towards their target.

Darren managed to dodge the projectiles that were hurtling towards him, and rolled to the right of the stranger as the bullets passed harmlessly into the ground.

Darren used his side movement to gain momentum towards a jabbing knee swinging into the air towards the stranger who was not able to grapple the attack away. Instead, the stranger took his two rifles and formed them in into an X, not only blocking the attack but parrying it back, knocking Darren into the ground.

Darren stood up, dusting himself off as he did so, “Impressive stranger, just who the hell are you?”

The stranger grinned, “Who the hell do you THINK I am?” was his sarcastic reply.

Darren grinned, shrugging his shoulders, “I usually like to know whose name I should inscribe on the tombstones of my victims, but if you’d like to eternally be remembered as a dumbass with no name, I won’t stop you!” He said with venom.

The stranger rolled his eyes, though no one could see this behind his sunglasses, “Then you have no need to worry, someone as awesome as me doesn’t die to idiots like you two.” He said full of self-importance while pointing dramatically at Darren.

“Whatever, just DIE!” Darren said in a rage as he charged at the stranger with his sword, and a scream of hatred.

The stranger again blocked an attack with his guns in an X formation. He then fired them both into Darren’s feet.

Darren yelled in pain, staggering backwards a bit in anguish.

Charlotte still was not paying any attention to the stranger, “Hey, crazy lady, I didn’t make my declaration just to your boy toy.” He said firing another round at Charlotte.

Charlotte quickly moved her knives in a position to knock down the bullets and turned her attention to the stranger.

She moved almost reptile like towards him with a disturbing grin on her face, “Who are you, mister gunslinger?” She questioned tauntingly.

The stranger sighed, “Man you two have lots of questions for town burning torture artists. You know what, because I’m such a cool guy I’ll tell you just this once. My name is Kydo Randall.” He said in a perturbed tone before he fired another round at each of the attackers.

Darren took more bullets, this time in his leg, he screamed in agony, “What ever happened to our mercenaries, Charlotte?!” He complained loudly.

“Oh those guys?” Kydo taunted, pointing to a heap of unconscious bodies nearby, “I was playing tag with them by the town’s entrance earlier.”

He lifted his glasses and starred at Darren in the eyes, “You go back to your master Death Eye and tell him to leave this town alone or he’ll be seeing Kydo Randall in person. Go on, get the hell out of here!” he yelled in his best intimidation voice.

Darren frowned, looking to Charlotte, “Let’s get out of here… for today. You people get to live one more day! Count your blessings, but we will be back!”

Kydo looked back at Darren, “No, you won’t.” he said in a creepy voice

“Aww… but I was just getting to have fun too!” Charlotte complained but complied, helping her injured husband walk, the two walked away.

Once the two were out of sight Kydo fell face first into the ground, exhausted, “Good lord I hate using that much magic.” He complained to the ground matter of factly.

“Is…is it over?” Alexander said trying to stand.

“It is for now. Those two won’t be back here for a while.” Kydo replied as he sat up Indian style, “But they will be after me more after this, I shouldn’t stick here too long.”

A cough was heard from Aida, “You’ll need to take Alexander with you… they will be after him too…” She was not doing well and her voice wavered, but she was speaking from pure willpower.

Alexander managed to crawl to his mother, and helped her sit up, though he was also hurt, it was not as much, “Mom, we need to get you to medical care quickly, this can wait!” He complained.

Aida shook her head, “If I wait to heal then I will be dooming you. You are a Starlin, like your brother, and like your father. I had hoped…” She coughed up some blood, “I had hoped the holy order would leave you out of it after it claimed them, but it’s clear you are also meant to be a Paladin. As long as that is true people like those two will hunt you.”

Kydo’s eyes went wide, “A Starlin?! But… I thought Matthias was the last of that line…”

Alexander looked closely at Kydo, “You knew my brother?!”

Kydo grinned, “You could say that…”

Aida smiled, “Then… I can entrust you with taking my son to safety...take him to the Paladin Order...” she said warmly, she hugged Alexander, “I love you, Alexander…” She said, and then she said no more, falling limp in his arms.

“Mom!” Alexander cried as his mother died in his hands, he broke into tears, “Mr. Randall, I beg you, take me wherever I need to go to be stronger! I will not let this injustice pass! My mother’s killers, Big Bear’s killers, they must not be allowed to do this again!”

Kydo smiled, “Kid, what kind of action star would I be if I didn’t help you out? I have a reputation to uphold, you know.” He said warmly, helping Alexander up, “But before all that, they deserve a proper burial.

Alexander nodded, “Yes, yes they do.”