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The Pan-Cako Zone - Under Construction

Chapter 4: The Appearance of a Stranger

Darren’s eyes widened into daggers before the boy who was enveloped in a blanket of light around him, almost ignoring his current opponent, which would normally be extremely dangerous – but she too seemed frozen in viewing. A few tense moments passed while Alexander and Darren had what amounted to a staring match.

Charlotte however had not bothered to notice the changes; she continued to torture Clark who was near death at this point.

Alexander turned his glance from Darren to Charlotte, “I said stop it!” He shouted, this time in his normal voice, though the blazing light around him had not yet vanished, it had diminished. Finishing his declaration he charged at her with full speed.

Charlotte still paid him no mind so worked up on the torment she was inflicting upon her new ‘toy’. If one was paying attention, her green eyes were no longer green but an almost glowing red tone, and her face was in absolute ecstasy.

Alexander very nearly reached his target before he was blocked by Charlotte, whom made a quick motion from her torture of Clark with one of her knives to blocking his sword. Her lips curled into a wicked smile as she shook her head tauntingly, “This one was dying to save you and you come back?” She laughed creepily, “You aren’t very bright, are you, boy!” She said as she moved to slash her knife across Alexander’s chest, the movement was so fast that it made a distinct whistling noise.

Unable to prepare a proper defense Alexander was now sporting a cut across his chest horizontally across it, blood spilled from the wound and Alexander fell to his knees in shock and pain he fell further to the ground.

The light around Alexander faded as well and Charlotte screamed a blood curdling laugh as she returned to where her previous prey was laying, but he was not there anymore.

Clark was standing, though bleeding and shaking, “You may have brought me to deaths door, but I won’t let you kill Alexander!” He said as he charged while screaming with all his remaining energy towards Charlotte and pushing the both of them over a railing overlooking the farms below to a steep fall.

Darren was bemused by all of this, “Does that fool think he can kill HER?” he chuckled darkly, “Even I couldn’t do that. Oh yes, back to business.” He said turning around just in time to be hit in the face with a rather large sized fireball spell, which normally would have knocked him straight over as well as burn him, but something was holding him up.

“It really wasn’t wise to turn your back on a battle mage, Traitor Prince!” Aida shouted as she pointed to the ground, which had been carved into several symbols that Darren recognized as runic.

“How the HELL did you do all this without making a noise or moving, woman?!” Darren yelled angrily.

Aida grinned, “While you were paying attention to the horror show that your wife was producing I had a chance to make a short time stop, and by the time that was done the symbols were in place, you’re not going anywhere! I will not allow you to take my only remaining son!” She commented as she began chanting another spell.

Aida was confident and on the top of her game, her spell was nearing its completion, but like a flash of light a figure jumped behind her from above and stabbed her in the back. Darren grinned darkly as Aida fell to the ground bleeding from her chest.

Taking a glimpse to her assailant, Aida saw Charlotte Danvers, now extra muddy and with torn clothing grinning triumphantly, her eyes now glowing a bright red.

“H-how?” Was all that Aida could manage to say.

“I can’t be killed that easily, you bitch!” Charlotte laughed as she knelt down to twist the knife in Aida’s back a bit.

“You could let me out anytime, Charlotte.” Darren sneered.

“Oh… right.” Charlotte said almost absent mindedly as she used her right foot to stamp out one of the symbols in the ground, as she continued to twist the knife like a child playing with a top - she kept spinning it around.

Darren knelt down next to Alexander and whispered in his ear, “You will live, boy, just long enough to see this town reduced to ash, so that you can tell the world the price of resisting us.” His voice was full of pure malice.

Alexander struggled to stand so that he could fight, but he could not stand, and to make matters worse, Darren was using him as a chair at the moment while watching Charlotte torment Aida, Darren grinned, “You’re so sexy when you play with them, Charlotte.” He said with an excited tone.

Charlotte just grinned back at him, with her twisted smile.

“It can’t be this hopeless.” Alexander said with much anger, but due to his injury it was rather quiet, “Someone… anyone… please do something!” he paused before his head faced the ground, ‘God, why have you forsaken us?’ he asked himself inside his head.

As if on cue, though a wave of heat in the air, a rather tall man dressed in a light brown trench coat, a nice white dress shirt, with a red tie and navy blue pants, and black shoes entered the scene. His hair was a light blonde and cut unevenly without care, he also wore black sunglasses, and he had two twin barreled rifles held by straps from his belt next to his legs.

“I was just passing through here on an afternoon stroll, and it looks like this town needs some help. Get lost, you pair of wannabe cultists.” Was all the man said as he took his guns and aimed them forwards at Darren and Charlotte. His voice was gruff, but unemotional, and he held himself in high posture.