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Welcome to the Ultra Publications Fanfiction section, it is here that you will be able to read works of fiction that have been written for various pre existing fictional universe, by fans OF that particular universe. Hence the term fanfiction. We carry only the best fanfiction, theres loads and loads of bad fanfiction all over the net, so we strive to ONLY bring the best in fanfiction here. The stories available will be listed below within its base series title.

Mario Stories
Dr Koopa Heinsenstien Clovis Dye (Staff)
Mission: Implausible Clovis Dye (Staff)
A Tale of Two Luigis Clovis Dye (Staff)
Trouble on Yoshi's Island Clovis Dye (Staff)

Sam and Max
Sam & Max Hit the Books Clovis Dye (Staff)
Sam & Max Hit the Mall Clovis Dye (Staff)
Sam & Max Hit the Hood Clovis Dye (Staff)
Sam & Max Hit the Evil Clovis Dye (Staff)
Sam and Max

Sam and Max
Evil 'Auto' Motives Clovis Dye (Staff)
All's Fair in Love & War Clovis Dye (Staff)

Miscellaneous Stories
Terranigma: Diary of the Forgotten Ark Clovis Dye (Staff)
Lozenge & Hampshire: Ho-Ho-Horror Clovis Dye (Staff)
When Fan Fics Go Bad Clovis Dye (Staff)
Robotech: Sometimes Men Are Just Like Us Clovis Dye (Staff)
Robotech: Sometimes Men Are Just Like Us (Spanish Version) Clovis Dye (Staff)

*Sam and Max Hit the Books was started by an unknown author, and completed by Clovis. We don't know the name of the author of the beggining of this tale, so we wish to make sure credit is given as best as we can. If you happen to actually BE that author and can prove it (Just provide the original name of the school the story takes place in, in the version before the modification), then we will be sure to credit you as well. If you claim, but can not prove, we will not credit you and you may be banned from submitting work to Ultra Publications.