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Meet Crono, a man who due to circumstances outside of his control has been forced into a fantastical adventure. An adventure that will test both his patience and sanity as he attempts to come to grips with the many unrewarding trials and tribulations it carries for him. Let's not even get started talking about the mind-bending paradoxes he will try, and fail, to comprehend along the way. Who ever it was that chose to make the role of the hero look so glamorous in all those children's books had no clue what he was talking about. At least Crono has got his ether to keep him company.

From the twisted and cynical minds of Clovis15 and Cryokenetic comes a dramatic, and unforgivingly questioning, Flash Animated retelling of the most famous RPG of the Golden Era!

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Please note that we do NOT own Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross, which is the property of Square-Enix. This is a fans work made as a labor of love and is NOT meant as a replacement of the excellent games. Which, by the way, if you have not played go hunt them down now for SNES, PS1, and/or Nintendo DS. ALL Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross characters used ARE (c)Square-Enix, all others presented their respective owners. This is a PARODY work and is covered under US law as such but it is NOT owned in part or whole by Cyrokenetic, Clovis, Ultra Publications, or any of its staff (except for the jokes). Lastly, all non Chrono Trigger sound clips are respective their rightful owners and we make no claims to these either.