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Ah the focus of the original Ultra Publications comes upon us again. The creative works of writing, be it in various mediums. Here we host writing we feel is worth reading. We have Prose and Poetry, Fanfiction, and the subsite "The Pan-Cako Zone" (Which is currently under construction). To get back to this main index, just select home at left, or to get back to the main site select home. We hope you enjoy all the written works!

Ten Most Recent Works
Chapter 7: Admit One to Freak Circus Laserkid
Chapter 6: The Promise of the Dawn Laserkid
Chapter 5 - A Flair for the Dramatic Laserkid (Staff)
Chapter 4 - The Appearance of a Stranger Laserkid (Staff)
Chapter 40 - So Auspicious a Day Clovis Dye (Staff)
Chapter 39 - Very Important Things Clovis Dye (Staff)
Chapter 38 - Worked as Promised Clovis Dye (Staff)
Chapter 37 - From Their Graves Clovis Dye (Staff)
Chapter 36 - His Anchor Point Clovis Dye (Staff)
Chapter 35 - Record Time Clovis Dye (Staff)