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We here at Ultra Publications do love many webcomics, and even one of our staff has one. For those good comics that needed hosting, we're hosting them here for your enjoyment!

Work-Study Come follow the misadventures of Clovis and his friends, even if some of them don't like him very much, as they live the campus life at Schwankyendaro University. That said, it's really more about Squirrel Armies; Code Red; Stigmata Holes; Megalomaniacal Art Teachers; the Elite Booze Agents, and other such what-not, than it is about college proper. Updates most fridays, now with art done by Jeff G of Patchwork Family fame!
Patchwork Family is a sweet comic about a family that isn't traditional, but still loving. Funny, heartwarming, and excellent characters make it a must read. Patchwork Family
Super Mario Brothers Unlimited A sprite comic by Bryan Johnson (AKA Laserkid) devoted to the Mario universe and enjoying the many stories that can come of it. Come join Mario, Luigi, and everyone else on adventures throughout the Mushroom Kingdom - and beyond!
A webcomic done by Jason Holmes back when webcomics were starting to get popular. The general premise was simliar to Bob and George, albeit Sonic instead of Megaman. Generally, it's just random silliness. It's still beloved by the staff of this site due to its inspiration for both Work-Study and Mario Unlimited later on, though the author currently has no plans to ever go back to it.

Please be aware: This is a historical archive and provides NO LINKS back to the Ultra Publications main site, as it is a direct copy of the original site

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