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Ultra Publications Updates

Nintendo Gives Official Zelda Timeline For 25th Anniversary!!! 

SOURCE: http://kotaku.com/5869993/this-might-actually-be-the-official-zelda-timeline

It seems people were simultaneously right about how Ocarina of Time and how it split the timeline, and simultaneously wrong about it in a way they never could have possibly guessed. The 25th anniversary puts the order leading up to Ocarina as: Skyward Sword, Minish Cap, Four Swords, Ocarina of Time. Afterwards it has 3 branch of points, two of which are pretty much exactly what gamers always predicted. However, it's the new information that makes it all finally make so much more sense.

After link defeated Gannon at the end of Ocarina of Time he gets sent back in time, but time in that timeline continues going forward and it's that the "Hero of Time" Link is not there when that Ganon breaks back out of his sealing which causes the Goddesses to flood Hyrule in an effort to stop him. This leads into the events of Windwaker, afterwhich takes place Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

The Link from the end of Ocarina of Time that got sent back in time told a young Zelda what Ganon was planning and four court hylian sages, different from the 7 sages of Ocarina of Time, seal Gannon up in the Twilight Realm before most of the events of Ocarina of Time ever happen. Then this Link gets sidetracked into an alternate dimension adventure in Majora's Mask. Much later Ganon would return from the Twilight Realm in Twilight Princess. Sometime after both of these events would occur Four Swords Adventures (Which has a different plot from Four Swords).

Now comes the part no one could have ever possibly expected. In alternate set of events, Link gets to the end of Ocarina of Time AND GANNON KILLS HIM. After this various armies raise up and fight against Gannon in a century of conflict until they eventually help the the seven sages seal away Gannon in the Golden Ream (possibly not the same 7 sages, thus explaining the race issue some people have always noticed), as explained in the opening events of A Link to the Past. After the Hero of LttP kicks Gannon's ass in the Golden Realm, he goes on a series of adventures which first include the Oracle Games and eventually ends with Link's Awakening. Later a different Link would get wrapped up in the Incidents of Zelda 1 and 2 (with 1 ending with Gannon flat out losing the Triforce of power at its end).

THE VAGRANT'S TALE (CREATESPACE): https://www.createspace.com/3627225
THE VAGRANT'S TALE (AMAZON): http://www.amazon.com/Vagrants-Tale-Clovis-Dye-Jr/dp/1463735359/

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Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 23 (+Other News) 

After a year of waiting (really sorry about that, I'll explain that further down) Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 23 is finally here! Watch as Crono and Company discover that maybe going south wasn't the most productive of directions to travel through the raging dust storm in their quest for batteries to put in Lucca's Gate Key. They do - however - have their first encounter with the much lauded Enertron, there's just some minor issues of comfort that have to be overlooked when the device is used. Afterwards, Crono finally acquires some much needed Ether... sweet-sweet Ether!

As for why this episode took so long, my old laptop became virtually completely unusable near the beginning of this year when I found myself charged and wanting to get production on this episode done. Later when I did finally get a new laptop in March, I realized that if I didn't crank-up the writing on my book I would never get it published in time for my mom - who has cancer - to be able to see it before she died. I am glad to say I was able to get it done while she was still alive (she doesn't look so good right now, she probably won't be here much longer). After that, various other forms of delays kept stalling production such that it took 2 whole months to get the episode done after I finally began working on it.

I beg your apologies, I have sacked those responsible (including myself).

Those you who are interested in reading my 100% original book "The Vagrant's Tale" (which is heavily revised from the first draft I showed long ago, and now has 2 bonus chapters never before seen online) you can find it - in dead tree format - for sale here: http://www.amazon.com/Vagrants-Tale-Clovis-Dye-Jr/dp/1463735359/

Anyways, now that Episode 23 is out, a casting call for Dubbed Episode 3 will probably begin soon.


Our Let's Play group recently played through Knights of the Square Table to celebrate my having finished a book by looking at a really bad old text adventure I made way long ago in 1998. If old stuff isn't your taste - or at least stuff that effectively feels old - we're also taking a look at the recent Diablo III BETA, it's got exploding frogs as weapons in it! Finally, we bring back the Ultra Publications Revue Podcast to talk about all things new and old in regards to Thundercats!

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"The Vagrant's Tale" Is Now Live For Sale! 

The book, which I've been working on for three years now, is finally ready to ship. I was thankfully able to get it all done while my Mom, who is currently fighting cancer, was still alive. I hope you will enjoy the time and effort I have put into creating this.

It is currently available on Createspace: https://www.createspace.com/3627225
It is also currently available through Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Vagrants-Tale-Clovis-Dye-Jr/dp/1463735359/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1321486350&sr=8-6

People going through Amazon will be able to get free shipping on combined orders of 25 dollars or more, as well as use Amazon gift cards if they have them. That said, I get more money if you buy it through Createspace directly. If it's not an inconvenience, please consider buying the book through Createspace.

From the Back Cover:
"The nations of Skrande and Corsinthia clashed in a holy war for a century of conflict before the war ended. Not because their issues had ever been resolved, but because - after a century - both nations became financially bankrupt. Now charged with the care of Terus Kyreon, the son of a fallen friend, ex-soldier - Jysalef Soresh - hasn't been happy since the war drew to a standstill.

But when an important message sends him - against his desires - traipsing throughout the Corsinthian countryside, things become much more frustrating - and far more interesting - for the embittered vagrant swordsman."

Bonus Features:
- Exclusive never before seen 16 page epilogue story.
- Easy to follow pronounciation guide for names and terms.

NOTE: I have checked my proof copies and everything was submitted correctly. If you get a cover with bad printing (they claim there will be some variance), on an interior with missing and/or wrong pages, it is the responsibility of Amazon/Createspace to permit you to return the book within the first 30 days.

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Book Interior and Cover Submitted to Createspace! 

Okay, so, "The Vagrant's Tale" has now been submitted to Createspace - cover and all - for them to decide if it meets all of their formatting rules. The process of getting the pages of the pdf file made to just the right size was actually somewhat completely annoying - and bordered on the territory of technological voodoo - but its finally all over with, assuming they like the file and all. If all goes according to plan, I might be recieving my proof copy sometime next week. I definitely couldn't have gotten this far without the support of everone who kept reading the early draft.

By the way, the print edition of the book - outside of already being heavily revised for continuity and readability - has a brand new never before seen 14 page epilogue story added to it. It also has a complete pronounciation guide on all the names and terminology featured in the story. For those of you who were waiting for the print edition to finally check the whole thing out, I hope the entire thing doesn't dissapoint you in the slightest. I've spent about 3 years of my life writing this from start to self publishing, so here's hoping it was all worth it.

Note, because the book was at 300 pages where it currently stands, I cut out the plans to include the aformentioned promised guide on my advice to successfully finishing your own book. To make up for this promised material not making it, I will soon be putting it up here for everyone who might have been looking forward to it.

To think, soon I'll be a published writer...
(and in the nick of time too, my mom's condition isn't exactly getting better)

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CTU-23 Now in Active Production, More Book Cover News, Etc! 

Okay, so I finally forced myself to get back to working on CTU Episode 23. After all, I can't permit myself to let a whole year go by where there wasn't a new episode released (the April Fool's gag episode, as well as voice track re-issues, do not count). I've currently got the menu, as well the entire 80 second Gaspar opening narration (one of my least favorite parts of any episode to put together), done and I will soon be moving on to the main meat and potatoes of this episode. Here's a single word hint of what this episode will have in store for all of you: Enertron. Barring any horrible life tragedies occuring in the near future, this should be out before the end of October. I will try to be better about making this series in 2012.

Furthermore - on other creative fronts - I've recently gotten to see a much updated preview of the in progress book cover to "The Vagrant's Tale", and it is currently looking fantastic. With any luck, no other ill fates shall befall the artist's tablet and she might just have it done very soon. This book is another thing I would really like to have out before the end of October, as I'd like for my mom to be able to see it before she dies of cancer.

In still other news, my LP group has finished its Let's Play of Duty & Beyond and is now working on a new one for Island of Dr. Brain, this is to celebrate our LP group's one year anniversay. We are currently already five episodes into the current project, and more episodes are expected to go up on Youtube very shortly.

Not counting "Fragile Dreams", which I've already mentioned here before, other games I have played through since I last posted here also include: "No More Heroes 2: Desperate Strugle", "Professor Layton and the Unwound Future" and "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link".

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