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Ultra Publications Updates

In 2009's Respectable Final WW/VC Update, The Argonians Play Online Mii Enabled Pool! 

Let's get down to first things first, Nintendo definitely found a truly classic overlooked game to use for their final update of 2008. The final Virtual Console game to be released in 2008, featuring the time travelling adventures of a boy who formerly fought to save the Argonians with a yo-yo, is none other than 1994's "Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge"! As someone who has played through the game, nearly to the point of completion, I can fully reccomend this title as something that is immediately worth playing if you have not yet before done so. This amazing addition to the Virtual Console library raises the total number of classic titles available up to 273.

On the WiiWare side of things we get something that has both Mii Support, as well as online play, from Hudson for just a measly 500 points: "Cue Sports - Pool Revolution". The game features a variety of playing modes, including an edit mode so you can set up your own trick shot challenges. The other original offering this week is something called "Maboshi's Arcade", the description of which claims something confusing about gameplay across three windows simultaneously that currently doesn't make much sense to me. Together these two original titles up the amount of titles available on the US's WiiWare library up to 59.

You can discuss your love of online pool played with Miis, or perhaps even Mike's multiple quests to save the Argonians from the evil Zodas, over on our forums in this thread.

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The Vagrant's Tale Chapter 7 - Plus Other Awesomeness in Time For Christmas! 

For Christmas I have a gift for all of you, The Vagrant's Tale - Chapter 7: "So Late an Hour"! As Christmas is a holy day, and seven is considered a holy number, I guess it was only fitting that I got this chapter out to you all today. In this chapter we get watch as Jysalef and Terus finally meet the great Miran Via... sort of, anyways. For those of you who were hoping for even more Vagrant's Tale fun, be sure to also check out this recent fan image based on chapter 6 that fellow Ultra Publications staffer Jeff G made. Furture chapters of this story shall arrive as I make them, so be on the look out!

In other news, Work-Study has recently turned 80 strips long with the recent release of "Episode 80: The Un-Funny Truth About..." In this comic, which is the first one I fully drew myself since Cryo temporarily took over beginning with Episode 76 so as to give me some mental rest from the series, we learn about the dark unspoken of dangers inherent to visiting LAN parties. Expect more Work-Study, as well as hopefully episode 18 of Chrono Trigger Unglued, next month!

Until then, Merry Christmas everyone (and may you get all that you were hoping for)!

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More where is the Start Button 

So uh yeah theres a lot more besides episode one now, so instead of spamming ALL of them, here's the playlist with all five episodes.

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Where is the Start Button? Episode 1 

Hello all, Archangel and I have begun a series of movies called "Where is the Start Button" on Youtube. The basic concept is Archangel chooses a random console game and plays it for 10 minuets or so, since he is more of a PC gamer. The results get funny. Due to youtube video length regulations, this first episode is in two parts, as you can see below.

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Archangel's Forum Digest for October 23 - November 9, 2008 

I know, I know. I've taken the liberty of purchasing all the quality hanging rope on the market and destroying it.

In The News
- Our very own World of Warcraft guild, Schwankyendaro, now has its very own forum section!
- This news, YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW IT, OKAY? Sheez.
- HDTV. Do you has?
- Just how harmful are non-lethal weapons, anyway? Personally, I think people are just whining over a little blinding pain. Suck it up!
- Employment good.
- Sony is populated by twits. Tell us something we don't already know.
- Or is it...?
- Yahtzee.
- Want to play the new Banjo-Kazooie? Better have an HDTV.
- How does a true geek propose? By hacking one of the greatest games of all time! Seriously, this is pure awesomesauce.
- BAWK BAWK BAWK, BAWK-BA-BAWK, BAWK-BA-BAWK.... November 16. 11:30pm EST/PST. Adult Swim. Be there.
- Did somebody with a brain whip Lazzo into shape? Oh, we can only hope!
- Hulu's getting lots of good anime recently.
- Will crazy Akira fanboys pay $50 to own the piece of crap on Blu-Ray? My professional opinion is: yes.
- Election fail... or win? Tell us what you think!

Sports Page
- Guess That Character scores: Ni-Pah and Cryokenetic. Current round is at one hint and proceeding. Scores:

The Magus: 20 Points
Clovis15: 18 Points
Laserkid: 14 Points
Wedge: 6 points
N64Player: 6 points
Cryokenetic: 5 points
Archangel: 3 points
tripplyflop: 2 points
Baka Otaku: 1 point
Balthasar: 1 point
KIFulgore: 1 point
Ni-Pah: 1 point

Arts & Entertainment
- New Patchwork Family! Mascot fight, yo!
- 5 new movie reviews from Brett!

I need to get off my ass and start going with my webcomic reviews again.

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