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Ultra Publications Updates

Turbo (Amazing Online Indie Film), Plus CTU-20 News!!! 

Turbo: The Film

Hard to believe this was done for only 100k, it's actually rather impressive. This 30 minute short film was done as the person's graduation thesis; and - because he wanted to own so that it wouldn't be locked away forever in the school's vault after finishing it - this was made with capital that he had to raise all by himself. After watching the film, I was so impressed that I immediately tossed him the 10 dollar asking price for the DVD.


The script for Episode 20 has been completed, and preproduction on it is already under way. Although I can make no promises, especially since such promises always end up proving false, a part of me would like this episode to be out very soon. In particular, I would like it if I get it out before the end of this year. Yes, this is the despite the fact that retail eats up both time and sometimes sanity.

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I, Clovis, Now Have an XBOX-360 

So, I finally got an XBOX-360; thusly, I now have every game system for this generation that didn't come from Sony. I thought about getting one for a long while, but never quite was willing to go forward with the money expenditure. What put me over the top was when Wal-Mart was selling the arcade with a complimentary $100 giftcard; this - when you couple it with the fact I can both use my discount card on the purchase of the system, as well as the purchase of anything I then afterwards got with the gift card - was simply too good of an opportunity to pass up. It's currently hooked up to my HDTV with the exact same multi system component cables as my Wii is, so the lack of component cables in the purchase didn't effect me either. After getting it, I then turned around and used the gift card to both get Fallout 3 for 40 dollars; I also put another 40 down on a Capcom bundle that contained "Devil May Cry 4", "Dead Rising" and "Lost Planet: Colonies Edition". This is now officially the second time I have ever bought a system that wasn't by Nintendo, with the Dreamcast being the first; that I have a Playstation 1 is inconsequential, I only have it because a friend of my literally abandoned it intentionally at my house after he got a Playstation 2.

Don't bother asking for a gamertag; there is no way, due to where I have to put the system, that I'll be going online without a disgustingly overpriced wireless adaptor that I refuse to purchase.

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Chrono Trigger Unglued - Episode 19: Let's Do The Time Warp Again!!! 


"Our heroes, finally reunited with Marle, learn of some rather interesting concerns the king has for his daughter's well-being. Not really having time to deal with such touchy matters at the moment, though, they break free from the castle only to find that a dead end stands before them and their gambit for freedom. Okay, that's not entirely true, there's also this time portal there too... do they dare use it?"

Sorry about all the delays in this episode, along the way of making it had to recast the original voices for Marle and Lucca when they became no-shows. This recasting process was a long and painful ordeal, but fortunately though it all I came to learn of the Voice Acting Alliance! Hopefully, with their prestigious help, I will never again have to suffer through the hell that is randomly asking people if they'd like to cast for parts. Anyways, as currently I work in retail, I can't possibly begin production on another episode until after Christmas.

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This Week's Wii Store Update Has Shiny Axes, Islands of Monkeys, and Hungry Zombies!!! 

This week's Nintendo Wii Store update is far better than they usually are. On the Virtual Console side of things we have been given both Zombie Ate My Neighbors (Genesis) and Golden Axe (Arcade), which will set you back 800 and 900 Points respectively; together these two titles increase the size of the Virtual Console library in the US up to 323 titles. On the WiiWare side of the equation we get both Tales of Monkey Island - Episode 3 and something called Ghost Mansion Party (which is probably 100% irrelevant as its from Gameloft), these original offerings cost are being made available at 1000 points each. So, with one good item and one bad item, the size of the number of original items available in the US's WiiWare section has been increased to 132.

With three out of the four items being good, this was quite the week for the weekly Wii Store update; however, the question still remains as to when Cave Story will finally come out. Nintendo did say that they promised us it would be out this fall quarter, yet - once again - they have chosen to ignore the fact it was already done and put out something stupid by Gameloft instead. NIntendo could probably make a significant improvement to the quality of these weekly updates if they'd just ban Gameloft, and a few others, from spamming them constantly with crap that can barely be called software.

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Progress of CTU Episode-19 Currently at 30% 

Episode 19 of CTU is finally making some real progress lately, in part because I was finally able to get cracking on it. However, for once the delays to this weren't because I couldn't find the will to push forward. There were many times with Episode 19 that I had the will to push forward, but the Voice Actors who had been asked over a year ago to record lines were still putting it off. Eventually - after both replacing people, as well as the people that were supposed to be replacing them - I reached a point where I actually had all my resources on hand. The fact that I tried to be nice by adding multiple voiced segments to this episode, coupled with the sheer hell that getting people to turn in usable recordings has proved to be, is part of why I am not exactly wanting to give into constant demands to just flat out fully voice the entire series from here on out.

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