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Ultra Publications Updates - Epic Mickey to be Epic Fucking Awesome (...Maybe?)

Epic Mickey to be Epic Fucking Awesome (...Maybe?) 

This isn't quite confirmed yet, but I trust the person whose blog mentioned reading about this:

"So... how many of you have heard about this strange new game being developed for the Nintendo Wii nicknamed "Epic Mickey" It�s a Disney game in which Mickey Mouse returns to his more old-school-bad-ass roots.

The plot revolves around Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (one of the first characters animated by Walt Disney before Mickey Mouse). Oswald is very unhappy that Mickey has gone on to become a famous star, while he�s been left in the shadows. Using the power of the Phantom Ink Blot, Oswald corrupts and distorts Mickey�s happy Disney World into a twisted menagerie of distorted steam-punk-ish freaks... and it�s up to Mickey to set things right.

That�s already quite strange. But even more intriguing is that players will have a moral compass in the game. You can be as NICE or as MEAN as you want to be, and how you act in the game affects how the rest of the game plays. Apparently the Disney studio is trying to jumpstart Mickey�s career by allowing him to be more mean-spirited and sly like he use to be back in the 1930�s and 40�s.

Even more shocking is that Pixar is working with the game too, and that Warren Specter (sp?) is directing the project. Holy heck... what on earth is this gonna be like? There�s some pretty freakish concept art floating around out there online, so if you fancy a trip down nightmarish childhood fantasies I say take a peek... and certainly keep an eye out for this game... it looks pretty wild!"

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Super Mario Unlimited comic #46 released 

Hey all, I thought I'd actually give a site update on here, since that is what this blog's main function is. I just put up the 46th comic of Super Mario Bros. Unlimited out to the website. It's another in the line with Mario facing off against Roy Koopa (we've been through Iggy already, and will go through them all). Plus, I'm forshadowing for the next comic, which will finally end the subplot about Luigi's cold turky staving off using powerups.

For those of you unfamiliar with Super Mario Bros. Unlimited, it's my Mario Bros. sprite comic, mainly using Mario and Luigi sprites (Though for the Koopalings I use their unused Super Princess Peach sprites). It's been going for about a year and a half now (technically two years, but there was a six month hiatus), and is in the middle of a plot involving Super Paper Mario's Chaos Heart.

We generally don't post updates for comics, since they all update regularly, and are always announced on the forums, but I figured I should tell all four of you that visit this website, but not it's forums, what I'm up to.

In other recent news, I reviewed Baroque for Wii, and found the game to be extremely messed up. I'm also working on getting out a new article spotlighting the anime Hunter x Hunter, so look for that soon. That's all my updates, though stay tuned, you might hear more from Clovis about other goings on soon. Until then, take care everyone!

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Capcom skips Street Fighter IV Turbo 

Yes, you heard me. It's so not news that, given SFIV's popularity, Capcom would milk the game engine. What surprises me is the name...

Wow, SUPER Street Fighter IV, we just skipped the Turbo phase boys and girls! I now have to wonder what the immininent part 3 of SFIV will be called. Capcom says it's too big to be a patch download, so it's a disc game, but it'll market for around $40, and have extra bonus' for us poor schmucks who bought the original game. Not that I mind much, I got the special edition of SFIV with the linker anime movie from SFII to SFIV (SFIV is a midquel yo, taking place between II and III).

I'll leave you with a shot of a returning character, who was introduced the last time Capcom used the super prefix for Street Fighter.


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Studio Gonzo Has Closed 

According to the latest issue of the Anime Corner Store weekly newsletter, Studio Gonzo - after first firesell style offering all their still unlicensed shows to Funimation - has officially closed their doors. Apparently Gonzo, a company that used to be known for a range of inventive shows, simply couldn't make ends meet with their more recent full bore plan based on nothing but moe and panty shots. I will miss Gonzo, but only for the company they used to be; I will most certainly not miss the company they eventually died as.

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Where is the Start Button Episode 20: Viewtiful Joe 

Another new episode of Where is the Start Button has hit Youtube, so here's an embedded video for you all.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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