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Ultra Publications Updates

Archangel's Forum Digest for October 10 - 23, 2008 

Another two weeks... another missed update. I know, I suck. Without further ado, here's two weeks' worth of Digest!

In The News
- My colleagues and I delight in welcoming the lovely and multitalented Myuuchan to the Ultra Publications staff!
- Friends, fellow Inmates, we have just passed the 30K mark! Schwankyendaro!
- Two of our Inmates have succeeded in finding employment. Sw33t!
- All The News You Didn't Need To Know.
- Cuteness can be lethal.
- ...Did I miss something?
- Rodent infestation get. Joy.
- All aboard the Fail Bus!
- Let's talk about the Lone Star State! Oh, wait...

Sports Page
- Guess That Character points scored, in order: Laserkid, Cryokenetic, Laserkid, The Magus. The current round is at two hints and proceeding.
The Magus: 20 Points
Clovis15: 18 Points
Laserkid: 14 Points
Wedge: 6 points
N64Player: 6 points
Cryokenetic: 4 points
Archangel: 3 points
tripplyflop: 2 points
Baka Otaku: 1 point
Balthasar: 1 point
KIFulgore: 1 point

Arts & Entertainment
- New Work-Study comic!
- Seven new movie reviews from Brett!

I know it seems like little has happened, but those links lead to an awful lot, folks! See you all next week! Maybe. ^_^

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Archangel's Forum Digest for October 2 - 9, 2008 

I'm back! You're stunned, I know. It's hard to believe that the Forum Digest would return after a month of absence. I humbly apologize. Blame the fact that I moved from Georgia to Rhode Island and thence to Colorado all in the space of three weeks. But I'm back now, and I'm going to try to keep a regular schedule.

For the sake of my few remaining threads of sanity, I'm going to only examine this past week. Nothing happened on the forum during the rest of the hiatus, capiche? Everyvun vas on vacation!!!

In The News
- One of our Inmates Emeritus posts from... Switzerland?
- There is still ever so much news you do not need to know!
- Someone builds an ENIAC-style computer in Little Big Planet! This is simply too cool, folks.
- Are American members of Club Nintendo to no longer be treated as second-class citizens?
- Glass Joe returns!!!
- Need to go back to childhood? Play Megaman 9!
- Fresh evidence (as if we needed it) that JYB is the awesome.
- Exercise held on the P-Bombing range!
- The financial situation just keeps getting stupider. Details at Eleven.

Sports Page
- Because of the hiatus, I'm going to post the current score for Guess That Character and resume noting individual points as usual next week.

The Magus: 19 Points
Clovis15: 18 Points
Laserkid: 12 Points
Wedge: 6 points
N64Player: 6 points
Cryokenetic: 4 points
Archangel: 3 points
tripplyflop: 2 points
Baka Otaku: 1 point
Balthasar: 1 point
KIFulgore: 1 point

- The Person Above You has recently passed the 1800 post mark. Schwankyendaro!
- Chained Word/Phrase Association is almost at the 1500 post mark! Holy cow.

And that's it for this (admittedly abbreviated and overdue) Forum Digest. Normal transmission will resume next week!

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Nintendo Announces Punch-Out!! 3, and More, For Wii (Trailer Included)! 

Nintendo will be releasing Punch-Out!! 3 before the end of this year on the Nintendo Wii, and after watching the above trailer I have to admit that I couldn't be happier. It's nice to see that Nintendo hasn't forgotten about all of us hardcore gamers that happen to own a Wii. Other Wii games for hardcore people that Nintendo has recently announced also include Sin & Punishment 2, as well as a WiiWare version of the legendarily famous Cave Story! Furthermore, there's also going to be ports of Metroid Prime 1 and 2 with Metroid Prime 3 style controls added to them. Oh happy days!

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Moving is painful 

As those intrepid enough to read the forum know, Archangel and I have moved together into an apartment. My legs and arms are ridiculously sore from moving couches, beds, a stereo cabinet, shelves, and more boxes then you can shake a stick at.

The good news is the hard part is done. The bad news? Qwest internet wont be installed for a few weeks. AA and I found a free wifi in the area (entitled "camp to belong" which is not locked), so we can come online to post a few things here and there but don't expect heavy site updates from us until Qwest gets us set up. Those lazy louts. *shakes fist violently*

Right now I'm at work, and Archangel should be hunting for a bed (my folks lent him an airbed, but that's only so comfy). I imagine once he's done that, he'll post the, once again, late forum digest. But I wanted to let everyone know what was going on.

So see you all on the forums and such.

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Archangel's Forum Digest for August 23 - September 4, 2008 

Welcome back, all! I hope that moving is a sufficient excuse for missing a week again. Please don't lynch me. I'm allergic to lynchings.

In The News
- There is always more news that we do not need to know.
- When I want the whole truth I punch up America's Finest News Source! ^^
- This man Matthew, where the hell is he?
- Jigsaw puzzles FTW!
- This much awesome should not be legal.
- Apparently people outside of UP have heard of CTU! Schwankyendaro!
- A new month dawns, so it's time once more to tell everyone what you're playing!
- What are your favorite gaming moments? Share!
- By the same token, what's your favorite minigame?
- Looks like we're getting Chrono Trigger on DS two days before Japan! In other news, Satan's looking for a comfy wool sweater.

Sports Page
- Still no movement in The Caption Contest.
- Three points scored in Guess That Character! This fortnight's winners are Laserkid, Clovis15, and Tripplyflop, in that order. We eagerly await the start of the next round.
The Magus: 17 Points
Clovis15: 16 Points
Laserkid: 11 Points
Wedge: 6 points
N64Player: 6 points
Cryokenetic: 3 points
tripplyflop: 2 points
Baka Otaku: 1 point
Archangel: 1 point

Arts & Entertainment
- As you have doubtless heard, CTU-17 has debuted! Come and discuss!
- Patchwork Family page 46! Come talk about it!
- Work-Study episode 77! (Threadzorz)
- Super Mario Bros Unlimited #26! (Thready)
- Six new movie reviews from Brett!

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