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Ultra Publications Updates

Capcom skips Street Fighter IV Turbo 

Yes, you heard me. It's so not news that, given SFIV's popularity, Capcom would milk the game engine. What surprises me is the name...

Wow, SUPER Street Fighter IV, we just skipped the Turbo phase boys and girls! I now have to wonder what the immininent part 3 of SFIV will be called. Capcom says it's too big to be a patch download, so it's a disc game, but it'll market for around $40, and have extra bonus' for us poor schmucks who bought the original game. Not that I mind much, I got the special edition of SFIV with the linker anime movie from SFII to SFIV (SFIV is a midquel yo, taking place between II and III).

I'll leave you with a shot of a returning character, who was introduced the last time Capcom used the super prefix for Street Fighter.


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Studio Gonzo Has Closed 

According to the latest issue of the Anime Corner Store weekly newsletter, Studio Gonzo - after first firesell style offering all their still unlicensed shows to Funimation - has officially closed their doors. Apparently Gonzo, a company that used to be known for a range of inventive shows, simply couldn't make ends meet with their more recent full bore plan based on nothing but moe and panty shots. I will miss Gonzo, but only for the company they used to be; I will most certainly not miss the company they eventually died as.

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Where is the Start Button Episode 20: Viewtiful Joe 

Another new episode of Where is the Start Button has hit Youtube, so here's an embedded video for you all.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Sin and Punishment 2 hits Japan on October 29th 

Ultra Publications staff favorite, Sin and Punishment, has it's sequel finally hitting the Wii. Nintendo of America confirmed long ago a Q1 2010 release in the states, but said the JP release would be after that. Does this mean we get the game sooner? I certainly hope so. Oh, here's a look at the box art while I'm at it.

The game's subtitle, Sora no Kokeisha roughly translated "Successor of the Sky" sounds pretty kick ass considering the first game's subtitle was Successor to the Earth - I sense a theme here. Sourcing the original report in the related link but HUGE thanks to Go Nintendo, where I found the story first. Are YOU ready to pick up your Cannon Sword again, and defend the Earth? I know I sure am!

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Allow myself to introduce... myself. 

Hello there, UP readers. You might remember me as that dude from that game blog, Segata Sanshiro Shrine, which is now very awesomely hosted here. You also might remember me as that guy who did that Gears of War review, or something.

Anyway, I'll be updating the UP news feed with various, random things from time to time. I make no big promises, but I'll attempt to at least be mildly entertaining.

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