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Ultra Publications Updates

Core Editing of Vagrant's Tale Now at 100% Complete! 

Okay, so the editing of the original 40 chapters of "The Vagrant's Tale" is now 100% done. This is a good thing, in part because I'm really tired of doing it. Also, it seems that sometime next week the cover for the book will be done; it would have been done this week, but someone's puppy decided the stylus for their tablet would be a great toy for teething. Now I just need to write the bonus chapter, and some extras, and we'll be ready to go to print.

By the way, if you have a Wii and can actually find it you should really give "Fragile Dreams" a try. It's sort of like a cross between an action RPG and a survival horror game, with a heavy emphasis on environment exploration. The game is set in a world roughly 15 years, or maybe more, after some incident wiped out almost all of humanity. After the old man raising you dies, you begin exploring to try and find out what happened as well as find out if you're not completely alone in the world. The chills aren't from jumps so much as they are caused by the massive emptiness of the impressive decaying environments you search. Also, Johnny Yong Bosch voices the main character... that's always a plus.

Okay, so playing this is sort of non-conducive to getting the print edition extras made... but, seriously, I need a bit of a break after all that editing!

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Double Podcast Goodness, and Other Stuff! 

The Ultra Publications Podcast: The Revue now presents you two all brand-spanking-new episodes. In Episode 9 we finish our three part tribute to all things Megaman, but unfortunately just in time to learn that Megaman Legends 3 - our original incentive to begin this - was cancelled. Next up we made Episode 10, where we cover the many works of Kajishima Masaki - a man most famous for starting the original Tenchi Muyo series - and how they all fit together within his singular multi-verse cannon (as well as some other Tenchi shows that aren't part of his cannon at all). In the future we hope to bring you new episodes of The Revue on a far more regular basis.

In other news, my book "The Vagrant's Tale" is currently on 40% complete of its second editing pass (the edited version, as well as Chapter 41, will be available in the printed version). I have also since found an artist who will work on a cover for it, meaning that the cover will hopefully be done at around the same time I finish the editing process on the book. I thank you all for your patience with me as I work towards completing this, which is very important to me, and I will immediately pick up on Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 23 when it's done.

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Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 2 (Voice Track Edition) 

Okay, so it's FINALLY finished! I know the casting for this happened quite a ways back, but we had a long line of problems (both people and technology related) happen along the way. We took many suggestions from the last video, so we hope this one turned out muuuuuuch better. Anyways, I'm not even going to think about tackling Episode 3's Dub until I get Episode 23 of Chrono Trigger Unglued finally out.

In other news, we currently have another Let's Play running of a game called DUTY & BEYOND (it's about the most bizarre pizza delivery adventure ever). This time around my friend Shadow Dragon, the voice of the Vendor in Dub Episode 2 of CTU, will be filling in for LK while he deals with some issues going on in his life right now. We hope you enjoy this in the meantime it takes us the time to finish stuff.

In still yet other news, the book I've been working on - "The Vagrant's Tale" - has only one more chapter I need write before I can set about to editing it and making it available once and for all.

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Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 1 (Voice Track Edition) 

Here it is, the first official episode of the voice track edition of Chrono Trigger Unglued. I really want to thank Lucca for for sparing time from her work on the Magical Starsign fandub to pull this all together, this project wouldn't have been possible without her help. For more on the series, check out the project page over at: http://www.ultrapublications.com/ctu

Casting for episode 2 will commence in the near future.

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Chrono Trigger Unglued - Ep. 22: "PURRFECT!" is Now Live! 

Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 22 has finally gone live, sorry about the delays! This time we watch as Crono and Company find themselves trekking through a raging Post-Apocalyptic dust storm, much to Crono's chagrin. During this time, Marle realizes she still has something very important to tell Crono... other than the fact she likes Ice Cream, which she totally does. In order to remember whatever her important something is, she decides to start from the beginning... and I do mean the beginning!

In other Ultra Publications related news, we've recently uploaded the Eighth Episode of our podcast series, "The Revue"! Picking up where Episode 7 left off, we continue our three part coverage all things pertaining to the main universe of Megaman by discussing the X Series. Along the way, we also get a bit into why it seems that piracy, while it's definitely not a good thing, apparently has almost nothing to do with games who fail to have good sales.

Speaking of all things Megaman, we're currently doing a Megaman Legends Let's Play over at Youtube! This is actually our third Let's Play, following on the heels of our already completed series for both "Castle of Dr. Brain" and "Pitfall 2: The Lost Caverns"! I do hope you'll consider taking the time to stop and give them a look-see.

Lastly, the Ultra Publications Forums recently hit Post 50,000 on precisely its 3rd Birthday!

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