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Ultra Publications Updates

Archangel's Forum Digest for July 17 - 23, 2008 

Welcome back to one and all! It never fails. Complain about being high in the mountains and the next week they send you to nuke an illegal deep-sea research lab. I swear, I'm never gonna get my skin un-pruny. Wetsuits are surprisingly comfortable, though. Enough about my boring life. Let's get this show on the road! ^^

In the News
- The News: Unwanted, unwelcome, and unneeded!
- One of the forum Inmates ponders a possible career in game design...
- Even epic supervillains have to start somewhere!
- Hardcore Wii reflections!
- Apparently it's not just the general public that Nintendo is keeping out of the loop.
- Yahtzee reviews another mummorpeger!
- The new 24 movie features Jack Bauer running around in... Africa? WTF???
- Official trailer for the Watchmen movie! Schwankyendaro!
- Speaking of movies, a live action Cowboy Bebop movie is in the works!
- A new anime entitled Morbido is to air on Adult Swim. Nobody seems to know anything about it. Huh.
- The opening sequence for Slayers Revolution is up!

Sports Page
- Holy cow, it's been a busy week for Guess That Character! Five points have been scored. In order, the winners were: The Magus, N64Player, Archangel, The Magus, and N64Player. However, one of the hints I gave during my round was ruled too obscure and my point was docked, so effectively Magus and N64 each scored two points. The next round has yet to start as I post. The board stands thus:
Clovis15: 15 Points
The Magus: 15 Points
Laserkid: 10 Points
Wedge: 6 points
N64Player: 5 points
Cryokenetic: 3 points
Baka Otaku: 1 point

Arts & Entertainment
- Another exquisite "scribble" from our lovely and talented Inmate Myuuchan!
- Brett reviews... The Dark Knight!

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Archangel's Forum Digest for July 10 - 16, 2008 

Hail, gentle readers! Yes, I know this is hella late. I've been sent to Tibet to study with these monks in one of those frozen mountaintop deals. When I realized I'd meditated through when I was supposed to do the Digest, I figured I'd just do a double-whammy next week. But then I realized that if I deny you folks this Digest (which I know you've been waiting for), then the terrorists have already won. As it is, I've snuck into the Abbot's room to use his computer. Here's hoping I can finish before the Abbot wakes up and nunchucks me...

In the News
- Need to know this news you did not.
- No matter how many Tales from Tech Support we share, there always seems to be one more.
- The earth, doth she quake?
- A PS3 exclusive game! And it actually looks interesting! Whaddya know?
- How are the Inmates getting their game on this month? Let's find out!
- Zombies on the Wii! Help!
- Yet another Zelda game! Shocking!
- Where do sports game developers go astray?
- Come make a moveset for your favorite character who should have been in SSBB!
- The final nail in the PS3's coffin is driven home... *Taps*
- Whee! Another nifty $30 gadget for the Wii!
- An open note to Hollywood!
- One tiny blow is struck in the war against anime piracy.

Sports Page
Nothing noteworthy going on in the narrow world of forum sports this week, folks. Guess That Character has stalled. Check back next week!

Arts & Entertainment
- At long last, a new Work-Study! Also, thread!
- Brett posts 3 new movie reviews!

And that's it, ladies and gentlemen! Incidentally, you should consider vacationing here at the Vie Que Monastary. The monks are really cool dudes once you learn the language, and the view is absolutely bitchin! See you next week!

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Archangel's Forum Digest for July 3 - 9, 2008 

Salutations, one and all! I must say, it's good to be back in the States. Hunting terrorists is always fun, but I've never been a huge fan of mountains. Anyway. I'm back, and that means you get another delicious Forum Digest! ...Why aren't you more enthusiastic? Well, I admit it's been a slow week.

In the News
- Zis news, you do not need to know it.
- For once, a positive trend in automated phone menus!
- We bemoan the state of Wikipedia once more.
- Wow! The dictionary people just learned a bunch of new words that everyone already knows!
- Yahtzee: The Next Generation!
- Able to review bad games with a single expletive!
- More data about Warhammer Online! I'm starting to think this place is going to empty out for a few weeks when it launches.
- Will everyone's favorite idiot get his comeuppance? We shall see!
- The resident webcomic guru (Moi) shares his 20 favorite characters!
- Who doesn't love Batman?

Sports Page
- Cryokenetic's round in Guess That Character is a flop, although the hint is ruled legal! N64Player takes the second round on the first hint! Kudos! Current Score:
Clovis15: 15 Points
The Magus: 13 Points
Laserkid: 10 Points
Wedge: 6 points
Cryokenetic: 3 points
N64Player: 3 points
Baka Otaku: 1 point
- 20 Questions seems to be bogging down. Its future is uncertain. Join me for a brief moment of mourning, please.

Arts & Entertainment
- Brett reviews four movies this week! Huzzah!

And yeah, that's it, folks. I already said it was a slow week. Sorry.

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Archangel's Forum Digest for June 26 - July 2, 2008 

Hey there hi there, esteemed visitors and fellow Inmates! This week's Digest is brought to you by Uluroo Inc! When you're a complete idiot or have no will to live, buy from Uluroo! Visit their convenient new location in Zanzibar!

In The News
- Do we need to know this news? I don't think we need to know this news.
- Another week, and another member of the old guard comes to the forum! Schwankyendaro!
- An attempt is made to collect each Inmate's origin story under one roof!
- *Hums the Happy Birthday To Me song from There She Is 2*
- My fellow grammar Nazis, unite!
- I thought all the clever jokes on DBZ had been done long ago. (All four of them.) I was wrong.
- Yet another awesome Metal Gear Solid parody is discovered!
- Tock.... Tock... Tock... Can it really be true?
- It's the thought that counts in gift-giving. Or is it...?
- The AVGN is Kryptonite to bad Superman games! But wait... next time we're promised one of the shittiest games of all time!
- Yahtzee decides to take a slam at the world of video game comics, which in turn causes me to go on an angry rant. Yes, I actually got angry.
- However, we did find something worth watching from The Escapist this week. Enjoy!
- Who'd have thunk it? Diabolo III's inevitable announcement came this week!
- An innovative approach to charity fundraising! This is actually pretty cool.
- The long-suffering Anime News Nina comes face to face with the discrimination and nasty comments that the nerd community must endure. We shall o-ver-come...
- More creepy fanboy obsession with David Bowie!
- Episode discussion threads: Venture Bros 305, Death Note 36, Code Geass 10, and Bleach 70.

Sports Page
- Cryokenetic claims the only point scored this week in Guess That Character. The current round appears to be stalled after only one hint. Scoreboardsen:
Clovis15: 15 Points
The Magus: 13 Points
Laserkid: 10 Points
Wedge: 6 points
Cryokenetic: 3 points
N64Player: 2 points
Baka Otaku: 1 point
- No points scored in 20 Questions. The current round is at 15 questions, and the Inmates are now picking and choosing their questions most carefully.

Arts & Entertainment
- New Patchwork Family page! Also, thread.
- Work is progressing on CTU 17! Here's a tiny morsel of information for all the fans to obsess over while we wait!
- Only one movie review from Brett this week... *sniffle*

As ever, feel free to contact me with questions, feedback, et cetera!

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Archangel's Forum Digest for June 19 - 25, 2008 

Hello and welcome to friends, enemies, and strangers alike! If anyone's been wondering why my posts have been so sporadic this week, it's because I'm in South America fighting the Marxist guerillas again. There's good news and bad news in this regard. The good news is that when we slaughtered the Reds in this camp an hour or so ago, we found that they had a working Interenet connection, so I'm able to bring you the Forum Digest after all. The bad news is that I'm doing this over a 33K modem. Stupid backwards commies.

In The News
- This week... yet more news that nobody needs to know! Who'd have thought it?
- Whoof! Yahtzee really throws down with MGS4!
- The Inmates' most hotly anticipated new MMO seems to be entering the final phases of beta!
- Cut loose in TF2 and indulge your inner 5th grader!
- Apparently, Sony is losing money on the PS3. Who knew?
- Some people have way too much time on their hands. Or else way too much talent.
- Two-for-one! A superb discourse on the D&D alignment system and two more game elements that should be put down! Get it while it lasts!
- A superb comedian goes to the great stand-up mic in the sky. He will be missed.
- Episode discussions! Venture Bros 3.4, Bleach 69, Death Note 35, and Code Geass 9.

Sports Page
- I am very excited to announce that we have a brand-new and very fun forum game to play! (Look closely. This is my excited face.) It's called Three Word Story. The basic idea is that we work together to build a story, rather like an IS. However, each person can only contribute three words at a time. It's making for a very... bizarre little tale thus far. Seriously, go read and then help write!
- The Magus claims the only point scored this week in Guess That Character! Current game is at two hints and progressing. Score:
Clovis15: 15 Points
The Magus: 13 Points
Laserkid: 10 Points
Wedge: 6 points
N64Player: 2 points
Cryokenetic: 2 points
Baka Otaku: 1 point
- The Magus also wins this week's round of The Caption Contest! (Clovis15 is runner-up.) We eagerly await his image so that the next round may commence. The Board:
Mammonman - 2
Cryokenetic - 2
The Magus - 2
N64Player - 1
Wedge - 1
Archangel - 1
- After a period of dormancy, 20 Questions has resumed and the current round is at 14 questions. No points scored this period. Pointses:
Clovis15 - 3 Points
Laserkid - 1 Point
Magus - 1 Point
N64Player - 1 Point

Arts & Entertainment
- The creator and demigod of Chrono Trigger Unglued, Cryokenetic, posts some reflective musings on the creation of Episode 11.
- Presenting one pair of "Scribbles" from one of the many artistically gifted Inmates, Myuuchan!
- A preview of Page 44 of Patchwork Family has been posted by JeffG, its intrepid artist!
- Two new movie reviews from the intrepid Inmate Brett!

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