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Ultra Publications Updates - Artwork, Comics, Flash Animations & More... OH MY!!!

Artwork, Comics, Flash Animations & More... OH MY!!! 

Okay, there's a ton of stuff for us to cover today. First of all, we have Work-Study Episode 89: A Stroll Too Long; wherein Katherine remembers that fuming about how much she hates Zeek is all well and good, but she still has to actually also get to the class she's teaching. Meanwhile, in the land of Patchwork Family Episode 52: Eye Opener; we watch as Tiffany learns that Sammy, when shocking newspaper entries are involved, isn't the only one that can ruin her morning before she has even managed to get to work.

Recker and Psyme: Time Adrift

By ~Clovis15 on deviantART

This is my tribute to a game I played through recently, Sigma Star Saga. Unfortunately, far too many people never gave this very brilliant game a chance. It's a hybrid RPG/Adventure-Game/Space Shooter; no, seriously. The run around and exploration parts are like an adventure game where finding new tools unlock new areas, and earlier areas that were barred off; along the way you collect experience points, watch lengthy RPG style cutscenes, and engage in randomly occuring battles; however, those randomly occuring battles - as well as some key plot points - actually take the form of space shooter levels. The story both makes sense of all this in a logical way, but also happens to be very good as well. This was supposed to be a shot of Recker and Psyme talking in the crate that Zelly put them in on their way to Starbase 3, just before Psyme kisses Recker while he's in the middle of feeling sorry for himself about the fate of Sigma Squadron, but I think I got a little carried away with adding details to the crate to the point where it really doesn't look like a crate at all anymore.

Finally, to round this news out, Chrono Trigger Apocalypse: Episode III is finally at long last arrived. In this episode of the flash animated series by NeoFusion, we watch as Crono and Marle - with a little help - manage to free Masamune from Ozzie's diabolical control; in the process gaining passage to Magus's new floating castle, where Magus is most certainly not presently in control at the moment. This animation in this episode is far better than that of the previous two, so hopefuly there's more of this where that came from.

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New Work-Study, New Clovis-Art, and Something You Should Read! 

Okay, first of all, Work-Study Episode 88: The Order of Things is now out! In this episode we watch as Zeek shares with his class both his preferences on art, as well as some of his more diabolical machinations in regards to one of his less fortuante students. For those of you who like Work-Study, or anything else in general that I've been involved in (like CTU or Vagrant's Tale), I request that you take this poll that I am currently holding on the Ultra Publications Forum

When Elliot Met Mizar + ZeeZee
BY: ~Clovis15 on deviantART

I've also recently completed the above image, which you can click for a more detailed copy, based on the webcomic ClosEncounters; it's a really great webcomic, originally released in Japan, that I highly reccomend to all of you. The comic is about a man named Elliot Moonstroke that learns the hard way that you should be very careful about trusting pictures on online datings sites, even in the far flung science fictiony future, especially when dealing with aliens; naturally, afterwards, many hijinks of various hilarious sorts ensure! So far 10 chapters of the original 54 chapter run have been translated into English by the original artist, with more on the way. What really made my day is that the artist himself faved the fan-image I put up on Deviantart!

Lastly, I am possibly looking for someone to be the voice of King Guardia XXXIII in an upcoming episode of CTU. If you think you're up to the challenge then apply for it on the forums; for praticality of contactability, I won't accept applications from non forum members.

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"Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box" Set to Hit US Potentially in 6 Months 

Recently Hino, the head of publishing for Level-5, was recorded in a press conference saying they that they are working on translating the second Professor Layton title - which they hope to get out in the US within the next six months - and that it is their desire to have all six Professor Layton games released in the US. Truly, this is glorious news indeed, as Professor Layton and the Curious Village is one of the greatest games I have ever played; in fact, if you haven't already played it yet, I command you to rush out to a store immediately and rectify that fact! Anyways, the second title in this series will be released under the now announced title of Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box! Now if we can just be assured that we will also eventually get the two upcoming Professor Layton animated films recently announced in Japan, both of which will be part of the official game universe cannon, then everything would truly be right with the world.

And on that note, speaking of all things Professor Layton, Work-Study has recently released Episode 86: Professor Layton and the Serious Warning! Watch inside as Clovis, much to Bryan's amusement, finds that the good professor's patience with a completely inept puzzle solver will only last so long before he must issue forth a very serious warning. How awesome that this comic would come out at the same time as news like this, eh?

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"Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 18" is READY TO ROCK!!! 

Chrono Trigger 18 lives!!!


Nadia, believing that Crono has long since been executed, goes into despair while being kept captive in her room by the castle guards. However, it quickly turns out that hope is afoot; thusly she formulates a plan to break out and help Crono and Lucca while there is still time! Furthermore, the Chancellor's flair for the dramatic finally manages to bite him in the ass. Lastly, this episode also features a completely redesigned all new credits sequence.


Yesiree, this is the episode that debuts the 2nd ever credits sequence to the series. Where as the first credit sequence was based on Paranoia Agent, this one is actually based on Iria: Zeiram the Animation. Also - in this episode - I would like to greatly thank Kris Sumrall for all the help he provided, the clickies scene would have never gotten done without his custom Marle-in-Dress sprites. You will see more custom sprite work from him in future episodes of CTU, so be sure to be on the look out for it!


- I recently finished another picture!

- Also, my webcomic Work-Study is still updating regularly now that I have an artist helping me. So, be sure to check it out... please?

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This is your weekend Comic bonanza! 

Hello everyone, we have a wonderful barrage of updates for you tonight. All three of our comics have updated over this weekend, so here's the info on each.

A monumentous occasion has occured with comic 82 with the guest art page from Jeff G, the artist of Patchwork Family. This is the guest art page that changed everything for this comic. The preportions may not be official in THIS guest comic, but because of this comic all of the rest of the comic will be drawn by Jeff G. This comic is what inspired Clovis to ask Jeff to draw the rest of the comics, and the rest is, as they say, history.

While some of our less chilvarous forumers called this comic a tale of an epic fail, Clovis can't feel good about himself if he took advantage of someone that drunk.

Patchwork Family turns 50 today. With the aftermath of its mini zoo comic we see the spoils of war being held proudly on display. Only to be reminded that that isn't a good idea while still in the parking lot. Having reached its 50th comic, Pathwork Family has been around with the Ultra Publications family for a long time now. The comic has definitely grown on everyone. To further support it, its author, Jeff G, posted a Survey to ask what the fans think, and determine how he wants to keep going. Be sure to let him know!

Lastly we have my own weekly updated comic Super Mario Bros. Unlimited, which has recently returned from a long hiatus. Today it has reached It's 30th strip which involves more jokes at the expense of Bowser's troops. Having reached the 30th comic, I added a minor effect behind the comic number listing as a minor celebration for actually getting this far.

So that's your comic update for this weekend, I hope you enjoy all of them!

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