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Ultra Publications Updates

Archangel's Forum Digest for May 22 - 28, 2008 

Greetings once again to my fellow UP Forum Inmates and esteemed visitors to our humble site! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about this digest. We've got a lot of ground to cover this week, so spread out into an alpha-search pattern and let's get to it!

In the News
- We hit the big 18K last Friday! Schwankyendaro!
- Our resident culinary superhero, Pan-Cako, revives his old custom of the weekly mailbag! Send answers to this week's question: "What is your favorite video game and why?" to Pan-Cako via PM ASAP! Or else you must eat waffles!
- Speaking of Pan-Cako, tensions flare between him and Backpack Boy after I sic BB on some kittens out back of where I work! Details at 11.
- We continue to gleefully share news that nobody needs to see or hear!
- A long-lost member of the gang shows up! Open the fatted bottle of Code Red!
- Yahtzee strikes again!
- A lively discussion of Final Fantasy's most bizzare moments begins, and Square's financial reports trigger another!
- First impressions on Wii Fit from one of our distinguished Inmates!
- Uwe Boll has a new competitor! Gasp!
- Internet memes are worse than fashion trends! (Bonus points if you know what a meme is *and* can actually explain it coherently! It's hard!)
- In a related story, Weezer tries to create a memetically based music video!
- Episode discussions: Code Geass 5, Bleach 65, and Death Note 31!
- Political predictions!

Sports Page
- New image up in The Caption Contest! Caption it now!
- 20 Questions is currently up to 12 questions! No points scored since last week.
- Guess that Character: The Magus and Laserkid each take a point! Current score:
The Magus: 12 Points
Clovis15: 11 Points
Laserkid: 7 Points
Wedge: 6 points
N64Player: 2 points
Cryokenetic: 1 point

Arts & Entertainment
- Page 43 of Patchwork Family is posted, and even more adorable than usual!
- Super Mario Bros. Unlimited #22 premiers!
- The first word of CTU Episode 17 leaks out! More sensational details right here on the front page as they break, ladies and gentlemen!
- Brett posts two new movie reviews!

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Archangel's Forum Digest for May 6 - 21, 2008 

Greetings, all my fellow UP Forum Inmates! It's been over two weeks since my last Digest, due primarily to my being down in Mississippi for all of last week with no Internet connection. I also hurt my mouse wrist. I'm tempted to wait until next Tuesday and then just do one week's worth, but since I love you all so much, I'm going to do an extra-long Digest instead and switch to Thursdays until further notice. Okay, I really just love the sound of my own typing (I have an old-fashioned clicky keyboard), but I'm gonna do the extra-long Digest anyway. Some stuff may be omitted due to oversight or laziness. If this bothers you, please write an email for me to ignore. ^^

In the News
- The Forum hit 17K posts last Saturday!
- It's amazing how many talented people have way too much time on their hands...
- Yahtzee's back! Twice!
- The beloved AVGN has also posted two new episodes!
- Rumors surface that Microsoft might make another try at Grand Theft Hardware!
- What will those crazy Europeans think of next?
- Mario is now in stuffed animal form! What next, kitchen appliances?
- Let us take a moment to reflect once again on the awesomeness of the GameBoy line and the commercial failure of every other handheld ever made (except possibly the PSP).
- Why won't DDR just go away? (I don't like it.)
- The Wii's getting an... interesting new title. Also on this thread, I realize what an idiotic PC fanboy I've been and promise to stop it.
- The Inmates start trading the names of the games they're currently playing! Hopefully this will become a monthly feature!
- It seems that Castlevania hasn't suffered the Final Death after all! Yay!
- New FPS exclusive to the Wii! It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.
- A firestorm breaks out on UP (as everywhere) over the Mass Effect PC copy-protection scheme (since modified). The discussion soon shifts from bashing Bioware to bashing PC piracy in general.
- Big debate over GameDaily's list of the best 25 arcade games ever!
- The Inmates begin the compilation of a list of game design elements that simply need the axe!
- A new fighting game spawns a detailed discussion of copyright law!
- A discussion of a new DS game leads the Inmates to the realization that... this forum is Camelot! ;)
- Apparently somebody is seriously considering making a Pac-Man movie. What the heck?
- Anime episode discussions: Death Note 29 and 30, Code Geass 3 and 4, and Bleach 64. WARNING: SPOILERS!
- Once again, our mutual hobby is used as a punching bag by people who know less than nothing about it.
- But some of those people will hopefully receive comeuppance shortly!
- Confusion reigns in Debate Hall! Will it be dispelled?
- Lupin III + Metal Gear Solid = awesomesauce!
- Cereal humor!
- Return of the Tales from Tech Support!

Sports Page
- N64Player and Cryokinetic each take a point in Guess That Character! The current round is at one hint and progressing. The score now stands thus:
Clovis15: 11 Points
The Magus: 11 points
Wedge: 6 points
Laserkid: 6 points
N64Player: 2 points
Cryokenetic: 1 point
- Laserkid and N64Player win the last two rounds of 20 Questions! The first question of the new round has been asked, but not yet answered. Scoreboard:
Clovis15 - 2 Points
Laserkid - 1 Point
Magus - 1 Point
N64Player - 1 Point
- The Magus, Mammonman, and N64Player all take points in The Caption Contest! Score:
Mammonman - 2
The Magus - 1
N64Player - 1
- Chained Word/Phrase Association has passed the 1250 post mark! W00t!
- The Person Above You has passed the 1150 post mark! Sw33t!
- Put it in Context is once again threatened with stagnation! Surely we can find a fit for "Punch the Keys for God's Sake!"

Arts & Entertainment
- Super Mario Bros. Unlimited #20 and #21 are up! You have to admire a webcomic artist who can promise regular updates and then actually deliver, folks.
- More fun and games in the land of Dresh! More writers wanted!
- JodyWrites posts three new movie reviews!
- Mammonman publishes five new movie reviews! Schwankyendaro!
- Myuuchan graces us with another excellent piece of art!

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Screw Attacks top 5 reasons to keep, or sell your Wii 

So the crazy zany folks over at screw attack have decided to give reasons why one should keep or sell a Wii with the premise they don't play theirs. Those poor, poor souls. I have to say I side on the keep the Wii side of things, but their #1 reason to sell, if the precondition of not playing your Wii applies I think is a valid one. Also, on an unrelated note, make sure to wish your moms a happy mothers day tommorow!

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Archangel's Forum Digest for April 30 - May 5, 2008 

Greetings once again and welcome to Archangel's weekly UP Forum Digest. Onward and upward as we review more forum fun and goodness! Huzzah!

In the News
- The Blue Box thread spawns a rivalry debate between New Orleans and Chicago, of all places.
- Yet another parent who can't take the blame for poor childrearing turns to video games as a scapegoat.
- A discussion of typos vs wordplay! A forum image war! Another page in the perennial debate of pirates vs. ninjas! All this and more on the CTU theme song thread!
- The CTU background thread : From systems of government to the rewards of being forum admin to copyright law to some rather dirty minds. Let nobody say that our threads lack diversity!
- On the discussion thread for the latest Patchwork Family page, we find a debate about the meaning of life.
- Pac-Man FTW!
- Nostalgia time! Let's all think back to those various game packaging trends we have loved and hated over the years!
- Come view an off-topic and learned discussion of emulation, which eventually becomes an off-topic discussion of why we never stay on-topic for more than a day or two!
- Sadly, we see more evidence that Something Awful is losing its touch with the articles these days.
- Fans of old-school LA adventure games rejoice! Can't you just taste the nostalgia, folks?
- A major split in the video game industry! What does it portend! The UP forum Inmates tackle the problem.
- I'm really starting to think that Capcom slipped and hit its collective head recently.
- The first chapter of Penny Arcade Adventures should be out quite soon! I, for one, can't wait!
- A simple question is asked about Mark Hamil, and an entire discussion ensues.
- Yahtzee rocks!
- Mass Effect's PC release is very soon! Woo-hoo!
- Yay for cameos!
- It seems that the Iron Man movie was well-received, both by the Inmates and the world in general.
- Some slight confusion about what constitutes a film's natural language, and the resulting discussion about artistic purity.
- Venture Brothers season 3 is hotly anticipated!
- Apparently they're planning to make another survival-horror game into a movie. At least Uwe Boll is uninvolved in this one...
- What do you get when you take Garfield out of Garfield strips? Jon acting like a loser. It's very Monty Python, in its way.
- We continue to have fun with the prince from Code Geass, especially now that we have this awesome forum image!
- Why can't Adult Swim just leave its schedule alone?
- Adult Swim show discussions: Bleach ep. 62, Code Geass ep. 2, and Death Note ep. 28. WARNING: Do not read any of these threads if you have not yet seen the show in question! They are spoiler-tastic.

Sports Page
- Brett wins the first round of The Caption Contest, and has posted the next image. The score stands thus:
Mammonman: 1
- Laserkid, Clovis, and The Magus score points in Guess That Character (in that order). Clovis and Magus have a real rivalry building here, folks! Magus has not yet begun the next round. The score stands thus:
Clovis15: 11 Points
The Magus: 11 points
Wedge: 6 points
Laserkid: 6 points
N64Player: 1 point
- The Magus is running the current round of 20 Questions. Currently 9 questions have been answered, and the contestants seem to be closing in for the kill, ladies and gentlemen! The score stands thus:
Clovis15: 2 Points
Laserkid: 2 Points
The Magus: 2 Points
- The Cynical Definition Game is stalled for the moment. Who shall pick up the gauntlet and define "Wiimote"?
- Chained Word/Phrase Association hit the 1100 post mark on Friday. Schwankyendaro!

Arts & Entertainment
- Super Mario Bros. Unlimited #19 is up and discussion has started!
- Laserkid has posted the prelude to his upcoming story, Children of the Blaze, in the Creative Works section. It's quite an excellent read!
- The first Interactive Story of the UP forum is born: Tales of Dresh. It looks pretty sweet so far, and much valuable background info can be found on the discussion thread!
- Brett reviews the movie Cloverfield!

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Archangel's Forum Digest for April 22 - 29, 2008 

Welcome, one and all, to the Ultra Publications weekly Forum Digest! I am Archangel, your host, and I will be bringing you the highlights of our forum life every week henceforth! Sit back, relax, and indulge in nostalgia attacks at will.

In the News
- The forum recently hit 14,000 posts! Schwankyendaro!
- The official UP Mario Kart Wii friend code list is now up! Post your code if you haven't already done so!
- Join us as we gather 'round the campfire and share horror stories of our customer service experiences!
- Taking a look at what people think is inside the Blue Box...
- We learn about the latest dual manifestation of greed and stupidity to make the rounds.
- The long-running thread discussing who the most badass good-guy ever is takes a left turn at Albuquerque.
- Time for a party!
- An already rambling thread takes a dive into a discussion of anime fansubbing.
- One of our newer members proves to have great insight into CTU's graphical source material!
- Someone at SA decides to take a poke at Zero Punctuation.
- A comment by Epic Games' president Mike Capps about the Wii sparks a lively discussion on the board.
- Two flash animations on Newgrounds spark interest on the boards.
- One enterprising soul manages to fit a working NES system inside an old NES cartridge. Whatever next?
- The Angry Video Game Nerd strikes again FTW!
- Zero Punctuation weighs in on SSB: Brawl, with the usual hilarity ensuing.
- Earthworm Jim may return! Yay!
- Someone on Newgrounds has made a surprisingly short flash game.
- New fun-ness from YTMND!
- It seems that the Prince in charge of Area 11 in the new Adult Swim show Code Geass has an interesting name. I'm going to have no end of fun with this, folks...
- More news emerges about Slayers' new season.
- The Debate Hall discussion of Intelligent Design proceeds apace.

Sports Page
- A brand new forum game called The Caption Contest is now online! See thread for rules. Looks like it's going to provide us with many laughs!
- The Corrupted Wish is just shy of 450 posts!
- The Person Above You just hit the 1000 post mark. Holy cow.
- Chained Word / Phrase Association passed the 1050 post mark on Friday. Holy cow on a pogo stick.
- Magus won the last round of Guess that Character on Friday, and now is tied for the lead with Clovis. The current game is at two hints and proceeding. The score stands thus:
Clovis15: 10 Points
The Magus: 10 points
Wedge: 6 points
Laserkid: 5 points
N64Player: 1 point
Ruedii: -5 points

Arts & Entertainment
- Mystik's CTU theme song is being met with rave reviews (naturally) and some slightly odd discussion (again, naturally).
- Page 42 of Patchwork Family was released this morning! It looks beautiful, as always.
- Work-Study Episode 75 was released on Wednesday, and a goof by yours truly leads to a discussion on the thread about secrecy's role in the creative process.
- Super Mario Bros. Unlimited #18 was released on Sunday.
- Brett reviews three new movies!

And that's it for this week, folks! Check back for more next week--same Angel day, same Angel channel!

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