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Ultra Publications Updates

Archangel's Forum Digest for April 22 - 29, 2008 

Welcome, one and all, to the Ultra Publications weekly Forum Digest! I am Archangel, your host, and I will be bringing you the highlights of our forum life every week henceforth! Sit back, relax, and indulge in nostalgia attacks at will.

In the News
- The forum recently hit 14,000 posts! Schwankyendaro!
- The official UP Mario Kart Wii friend code list is now up! Post your code if you haven't already done so!
- Join us as we gather 'round the campfire and share horror stories of our customer service experiences!
- Taking a look at what people think is inside the Blue Box...
- We learn about the latest dual manifestation of greed and stupidity to make the rounds.
- The long-running thread discussing who the most badass good-guy ever is takes a left turn at Albuquerque.
- Time for a party!
- An already rambling thread takes a dive into a discussion of anime fansubbing.
- One of our newer members proves to have great insight into CTU's graphical source material!
- Someone at SA decides to take a poke at Zero Punctuation.
- A comment by Epic Games' president Mike Capps about the Wii sparks a lively discussion on the board.
- Two flash animations on Newgrounds spark interest on the boards.
- One enterprising soul manages to fit a working NES system inside an old NES cartridge. Whatever next?
- The Angry Video Game Nerd strikes again FTW!
- Zero Punctuation weighs in on SSB: Brawl, with the usual hilarity ensuing.
- Earthworm Jim may return! Yay!
- Someone on Newgrounds has made a surprisingly short flash game.
- New fun-ness from YTMND!
- It seems that the Prince in charge of Area 11 in the new Adult Swim show Code Geass has an interesting name. I'm going to have no end of fun with this, folks...
- More news emerges about Slayers' new season.
- The Debate Hall discussion of Intelligent Design proceeds apace.

Sports Page
- A brand new forum game called The Caption Contest is now online! See thread for rules. Looks like it's going to provide us with many laughs!
- The Corrupted Wish is just shy of 450 posts!
- The Person Above You just hit the 1000 post mark. Holy cow.
- Chained Word / Phrase Association passed the 1050 post mark on Friday. Holy cow on a pogo stick.
- Magus won the last round of Guess that Character on Friday, and now is tied for the lead with Clovis. The current game is at two hints and proceeding. The score stands thus:
Clovis15: 10 Points
The Magus: 10 points
Wedge: 6 points
Laserkid: 5 points
N64Player: 1 point
Ruedii: -5 points

Arts & Entertainment
- Mystik's CTU theme song is being met with rave reviews (naturally) and some slightly odd discussion (again, naturally).
- Page 42 of Patchwork Family was released this morning! It looks beautiful, as always.
- Work-Study Episode 75 was released on Wednesday, and a goof by yours truly leads to a discussion on the thread about secrecy's role in the creative process.
- Super Mario Bros. Unlimited #18 was released on Sunday.
- Brett reviews three new movies!

And that's it for this week, folks! Check back for more next week--same Angel day, same Angel channel!

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Lots of New Stuff to See on the U.P.! 

Alright, so here we are with another update under the new and improved front page update system. There's quite a bit of ground to get covered, so let's get started.

- Okay, first of all, I've recently released the newest page of my long running (time-wise, if not length-wise) webcomic series: Work-Study! This particular episode reveals WS-Clovis's patented anger stress management techniques! You can find Episode 75 both on my Deviant Art Account and at the comic's official webpage here on Ultra Publications! Where ever you choose to read, you're sure to have fun.

- Secondly, Page 17 of Super Mario Bros. Unlimited has come out this week. Watch as the Mario Bros finally get back to the Princess's Castle, only to find out that their worst fears were true (don't look at me like I've just given a spoiler, if you didn't see this coming you need your head checked).

- Furthermore, we have a new video game review of Mass Effect. This review comes to us from our vew own forum user: Thunder God X. The discussion thread for the review can be found here.

- Lastly, we apologize for the current mess and constantly changing nature of the Video Game review section of this website. We are currently in the process of rennovating the area. It will be stabilized, and better looking than ever, soon enough.

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IGN Mario Kart Wii review - wow, looks good! 

IGN reviews Mario Kart, and it looks amazing. I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one!

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The New & Improved Update System 

Long have there been problems with the current update system to the website. Most of this centered around the fact that LK's grammar/spelling is attrocious, and I'm particular about how things are spelled and said. Up until this point only LK could modify the update list, and so all updates had to go through his lack of care for the English language. However, no more! Now not only can I dynamically input my own news updates, I can even edit LK's (and don't think I won't)!

Now, with all of that out of the way, there's been some recent news developments:

- Firstly, Cryo has finally deigned to join the new forum and post on it... but only a little bit. Perhaps he'll be more active in the future. After all, where would we be without his trilogy game?

- Secondly, Dan "Mystik" Scannell has finally finished the final copy of his theme song for CTU. You can find a full version copy of it here. Don't worry, the copy used in upcoming episodes of the series will be a shorter cut.

- In other news: Boobs Sell This is my most popular picture on Deviant-Art, at over 51 faves... (what the fuck, people, it's a picture of a guy with boobs... you people have issues)

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Welcome to the Ultra Publications new Update system with RSS Feed 

You probably notice this frontpage looks diffrent then it did earlier. Well we've been working on the new update system that you are seeing now for a while in order to get updates quicker, and easier from all staff members. This system allows all staff to make changes to the frontpage through an onserver blog which transmits an RSS feed, you'll be hearing more about that from Clovis later.

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