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Ultra Publications Updates

Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 1 (Voice Track Edition) 

Here it is, the first official episode of the voice track edition of Chrono Trigger Unglued. I really want to thank Lucca for for sparing time from her work on the Magical Starsign fandub to pull this all together, this project wouldn't have been possible without her help. For more on the series, check out the project page over at: http://www.ultrapublications.com/ctu

Casting for episode 2 will commence in the near future.

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Chrono Trigger Unglued - Ep. 22: "PURRFECT!" is Now Live! 

Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 22 has finally gone live, sorry about the delays! This time we watch as Crono and Company find themselves trekking through a raging Post-Apocalyptic dust storm, much to Crono's chagrin. During this time, Marle realizes she still has something very important to tell Crono... other than the fact she likes Ice Cream, which she totally does. In order to remember whatever her important something is, she decides to start from the beginning... and I do mean the beginning!

In other Ultra Publications related news, we've recently uploaded the Eighth Episode of our podcast series, "The Revue"! Picking up where Episode 7 left off, we continue our three part coverage all things pertaining to the main universe of Megaman by discussing the X Series. Along the way, we also get a bit into why it seems that piracy, while it's definitely not a good thing, apparently has almost nothing to do with games who fail to have good sales.

Speaking of all things Megaman, we're currently doing a Megaman Legends Let's Play over at Youtube! This is actually our third Let's Play, following on the heels of our already completed series for both "Castle of Dr. Brain" and "Pitfall 2: The Lost Caverns"! I do hope you'll consider taking the time to stop and give them a look-see.

Lastly, the Ultra Publications Forums recently hit Post 50,000 on precisely its 3rd Birthday!

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How I Got Unintentionally Punk'd This Halloween... 

I sent the following message to Nicalis last night:

"I recently acquired Cave Story Wii after the updated version went up, and it has been a blast so far. However, I encountered a vexing oddity tonight that refuses to go away. When I loaded Cave Story tonight, the main character had the red of his hat and pants replaced with a very dark - nearly black - navi blue; afterwards, when I loaded up my save file, he was suddenly the same way in that as well. Up until now his hat and pants had been red colored, the save had been made just before you go into to the desert area. Nothing I could do could get this to stop, I have even deleted both the game and save file along the way numerous times already. So far, once it started doing this, the main character only appears in his correct outfit colors on all copies of the game I have installed if I don't create a save file at all (but you can't really play without a save file). Do you have any idea what I can do to remedy this?"

I got this reponse this morning:

"You actually haven't encountered a glitch, but a trick (or treat) we put in for fans. The main character is getting ready for Halloween.

Sorry if it has caused you some confusion."

*head hit floor repeatedly*

So, basically, I freaked out and deleted my save over a time sensitive Easter Egg (this only works if you redownloaded the game after they updated it on the 18th of this month).

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New CTU-22 Progress, Podcast Episode 6 

So, the progress on Episode 22 of Chrono Trigger Unglued now stands at 20%. Furthermore, I intend to keep at this drive until this episode comes out in the near future (losing my job at Wal-Mart will help me to have a lot of time for that). I must admit, I wasn't exactly burning with energy to work with flash right now; however, today I saw that Ericho (the same Ericho that helped Kirbopher with the production of TTA, a series I adore) posted reviews on Episodes 17 and 19 of CTU that proclaimed they were the Super Mario Bros Z of Chrono Trigger. Hearing such magnanimous words, more specifically from someone who had actually been part of a major long running flash project series, caused me to burn with creative energy. So, look for CTU-22 in the near future.

Also, we recently released Episode 6 of the Ultra Publications: Revue. In this episode of our ocassionally updated podcast series, we go into great depth on the subject of the US release of Dungeon Fighter Online. Our guest for this epissode a long time regular of our forum, Wedge. Long story short, it's a great for anyone who liked arcadey beat'em-ups... but please do still listen to the episode all the same!

ADDENDUM: Sorry for some misinformation above, but it actually turns out that Ericho did not help in the production of TTA. While he was indeed one of the people that Kirbopher based a character on during season 2 of the epic flash series, he himself was in no way directly involved in production. Sorry for the earlier misinformation.

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An Ultra Publications Let's Play of THE CASTLE OF DR BRAIN! 

Recently, members of the Ultra Publications Crew attempted to sally forth in an effort to apply to a lab assistant notice from Dr Brain in the want ads. It said we had to apply for the job in person, but thus far his castle has been proving a touch troublesome for us. How on earth are we go to apply in person if we can't first get through THE CASTLE OF DR BRAIN! Contained within are the first two parts of our epic tribulations where we are harrowed greatly both by puzzles far more diabolical than they seem, as well as some truly attrocious puns.

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