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Ultra Publications Updates

Work-Study Has Official Cross-Over Event With Patchwork Family 

Work-Study recently had an official cross-over with Patchwork Family, the other comic by the same artist who works with me on my comic. In Page 59 of Patchwork Family, Jason - while attempting to talk to someone thinking about applying for a job at Gamestop, has a most unfortunate follow up run in with the infamous "Bullshittian" that once tried to get a free Xbox 360. This event counts as an official occurence in both the Work-Study and Patchwork Family universes.

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Epic Chrono Trigger Parody Webcomic You Should All Read! 


Actually, despite being involved in a major Chrono Trigger parody myself, I rarely am a fan of the parodies of Chrono Trigger that are to be found on the web. This here webcomic, which I fell in love with tonight, is the second time I found a parody that I whole-heartedly approve of (the first time, of course, eventually lead to me inheriting CTU). It was around page-4, when Gato showed up, that I knew I loved this and had to see more; coincidentally, it was in episode 3 of CTU when Gato showed up that I fell in love with it as well. Anyways, this is something I demand all fans of CTU rush out and go read right now.

In other news, I promise I will start working on CTU-20 soon. Certain sleep deprivation issues that were preventing me from working on it may be resolving soon, I am very sorry that there has been a new episode yet. I swear, I have not abandoned the series!

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Elegy for a DS, Plus Some Work-Study News 

Well, my DS that I've had since February of 2005 has finally decided to recieve a mortal wound. The right hinge is busted out completely; while it still turns on and all that good stuff, it can only go down hill from here. With all the essential wires to the upper monitor being in the left hinge, this increased ability to move around in wrong ways will insure that it's only a matter of time before it all comes to a very bitter end. Oh well, it's been a full five years of faithful service at this point... and besides, I was looking for a good excuse to justify to myself the purchase of a DS-Lite for quite some time now. Well, my DS, this Code Red's for you... *pour*

Special thanks to Laserkid forced me to take this DS as a gift when I, still angry with the GBC and GBA, was completely refusing to even look at Nintendo's fourth era of handhelds. Otherwise, I would never have discovered the likes of Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, or the Elite Beat Agents! Now wouldn't that have been a shame for Work-Study?

Anyways, speaking of Work-Study, our newest page is the beginning of a rather lengthy story arc (at least by the standards of Work-Study) that I've been promising for a long time now... I hope you all enjoy it as much as I've been looking forward to it happen.

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The Ultra Publications Revue - Episode 3: Robotech, Crystal Bearers, and More! 

After some unfortunate delays, Episode 3 of the Ultra Publications Revue is finally here! During the course of this episode we take an in depth look into the history, present, and future of the historically significant series known as Robotech; along the way we also discuss the many legal matters, and false starts, the series has faced over the years. Furthermore - for a little bit - we get into a discussion on the recently released Final Fantasy - Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Egad, that's a mouthful), the end result of that discussion it that perhaps the review circuit hasn't been very fair to it. For out next episode we will be having a lengthy talk with an immediate friend of ours that just so happens to be an employee of a company I think you all very familiar with: Nintendo of America. Anyways, due to the issues which caused this episode to become repeatedly delayed, we ask that in the future only people actually capable of making their appointments ask to be guests.

In other news, the voice actor for Lucca in Chrono Trigger Unglued now has an Official Blog hosted on our site. It will be predominantly focused on her many indie voice acting efforts, of which there are great deal many of these days. So, if you liked her work in CTU, then you should definitely check it out.

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The Ultra Publications Podcast, The Revue, Is Here! 

Episodes 1 and 2 of the Ultra Publications weekly Podcast series, "The Revue", are now here. Every week we'll look in on topics - either ones that are of interest to us the hosts, or ones that viewers submit requests for - and more. Furthermore, we are also willing to accept guests for future episodes as well. Do note, the quality of Episode 2 is better than Episode 1; also, this is considered a work in progess and we will make more changes to how we're putting this together in the future as we go along.

Episode 1: In the debut episode we interview the voice of Lucca in the recent Episode 19 of the Flash Series Chrono Trigger Unglued. Also, we delve into just what exactly actually fell the anime dubbing company known as Geneon; here's a shocking hint in that regard, it actually wasn't online piracy.

Episode 2: For our second episode, we cover the wide pantheon of Ultra Publications Projects which don't bear the name CTU on their sleeve; there really is more there than you probably knew about. Secondly, we also delve into the matter of whether or not all the Metroid content that came out after Gunpei Yokoi's death is in line with his original vision; as well as some reasons, regaring the actual authorship of the series, why it might not even matter.

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