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Ultra Publications Updates

This is your weekend Comic bonanza! 

Hello everyone, we have a wonderful barrage of updates for you tonight. All three of our comics have updated over this weekend, so here's the info on each.

A monumentous occasion has occured with comic 82 with the guest art page from Jeff G, the artist of Patchwork Family. This is the guest art page that changed everything for this comic. The preportions may not be official in THIS guest comic, but because of this comic all of the rest of the comic will be drawn by Jeff G. This comic is what inspired Clovis to ask Jeff to draw the rest of the comics, and the rest is, as they say, history.

While some of our less chilvarous forumers called this comic a tale of an epic fail, Clovis can't feel good about himself if he took advantage of someone that drunk.

Patchwork Family turns 50 today. With the aftermath of its mini zoo comic we see the spoils of war being held proudly on display. Only to be reminded that that isn't a good idea while still in the parking lot. Having reached its 50th comic, Pathwork Family has been around with the Ultra Publications family for a long time now. The comic has definitely grown on everyone. To further support it, its author, Jeff G, posted a Survey to ask what the fans think, and determine how he wants to keep going. Be sure to let him know!

Lastly we have my own weekly updated comic Super Mario Bros. Unlimited, which has recently returned from a long hiatus. Today it has reached It's 30th strip which involves more jokes at the expense of Bowser's troops. Having reached the 30th comic, I added a minor effect behind the comic number listing as a minor celebration for actually getting this far.

So that's your comic update for this weekend, I hope you enjoy all of them!

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Is Page 81 The End of Clovis Drawing Work-Study?!? (Plus Other Comic Updates) 

The first two panels of this strip were inspired by some real problems the real life Mel was recently having. Unfortunately for her, she has begun taking art classes with a professor whom may as well be Zeek incarnated in the flesh, because of that I did this strip with her permission. I used to say Zeek was the only person in this comic that wasn't based on a specific someone, I guess that's not true anymore.

This page, page 81, will be the last comic of Work-Study that I ever draw; however, do not panic just yet. Page 82, which is already done and will go up soon, is a guest page from Jeff G. After this guest page was finished, which was done long before I got this page here done, the two of us came to both a realization and an agreement. The future of Work-Study will be that I write, and he draws it (which is something he wants to do far more than I do these days). Futhermore, also be on the lookout for Page 83, which is also already done, which will reveal the officially agreed upon Version 4.0 apperances of the Work-Study cast (as page 82 is a guest page, the way he drew Adam and Clovis in it wasn't given any requirements).

This will be a good thing for Work-Study, because it will at long last come out on a regular schedule. Furthermore, with comics coming out regularly, I will now at long last have the courage to take the comic in a more story driven direction without being afraid that I'll be stuck in a single story arc for over a year because of how slow I am to get around to drawing pages of Work-Study. I hope you've greatly enjoyed the 77 pages of Work-Study that I've made over the years, and will stick around for the ones that Jeff and I will be making together... SCHWANKYENDARO!!!

In other news, LK proves that his comic really will update regularly once more by releasing Page 29 of Super Mario Bros Unlimited!

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This Week's VC/WW Update, The Friends & Family Party With Ogre Battle! 

This week for WiiWare we get Family & Friends Party for 1000 points. However, although this does raise the size of the WiiWare library to a whopping 71 games, this is not the big ticket focus of this week. The big item this week is the famed, and rare, Ogre Battle for the SNES. Now, for a mere 800 points, you can have this tactical RPG which normally goes for far far more than that on eBay. With the addition of this epic game, the size of the Virtual Console Library in the US is raised to a size of 284.

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Watch Dragon Hunters, It's Well Woth the 10 Dollar Price Tag! 

This feature film from france, despite being originally voiced in English, is currently available at Wal-Mart for just 10 dollars. For that price you'll get the movie, plus a copy of the comic it was based on; however, I'd really be willing to pay far more than that for this film. This PG rated CGI film is not what you normally expect of computer animated films these days, and parts of it would almost assuredly give younger children nightmares. In European comics there's no stigma that says you can't mix saturday morning cartoon slapstick, and art-styles, with otherwise serious themes (if you've seen the Felix the Cat movie, think about how it was actually rather dark at times). Furthermore, there are no song and dance numbers here to interject levity for its own sake. Lastly, the world they create for this film is one of the more inventive ones I've seen for this kind of fantasy, and the only thing I can really compare it to would be certain levels in Super Mario Galaxy.

Anyways, be on the look out for Episode 81 of Work-Study to arrive very soon!

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Site statistics - daaaaammn 

So, I've recently been looking at statistics on our site, and thought I'd share some interesting stuff.

In 2008, we recieved 7,390,169 requests to the server, blowing out the year before it; which had 56,514 requests to the server. For the two months of this year, the site handled 902,474 requests so far. I'm pretty sure this is due to the forum which opened in december 2007.

We also seem to generally get the most requests to the site at around 2 AM, which is around when I'm typing this. Sort of funny that we're all night owls.

Also the most refferals we've gotten are from the Daizenshuu EX forums which I frequent. The next highest refferal rate was from the Mega Man site I visit the forums for as well, The Mega Man Network . So to my fellow Daizex and Mega Man Network users, thanks for visiting our site!

Other refferals of interest are not surprisingly from Google, and the Chrono Compendium.

Surprisingly, the most used browser for our website is actually Internet Explorer, with 5,993,231 requests coming from someone on that browser. Firefox does keep number two though, with 1,550,715 requests.

Just thought I'd share these statistics as I've found them. I never imagined we'd grow so much, so thank you to all our visitors!

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