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Ultra Publications Updates

Watch Dragon Hunters, It's Well Woth the 10 Dollar Price Tag! 

This feature film from france, despite being originally voiced in English, is currently available at Wal-Mart for just 10 dollars. For that price you'll get the movie, plus a copy of the comic it was based on; however, I'd really be willing to pay far more than that for this film. This PG rated CGI film is not what you normally expect of computer animated films these days, and parts of it would almost assuredly give younger children nightmares. In European comics there's no stigma that says you can't mix saturday morning cartoon slapstick, and art-styles, with otherwise serious themes (if you've seen the Felix the Cat movie, think about how it was actually rather dark at times). Furthermore, there are no song and dance numbers here to interject levity for its own sake. Lastly, the world they create for this film is one of the more inventive ones I've seen for this kind of fantasy, and the only thing I can really compare it to would be certain levels in Super Mario Galaxy.

Anyways, be on the look out for Episode 81 of Work-Study to arrive very soon!

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Site statistics - daaaaammn 

So, I've recently been looking at statistics on our site, and thought I'd share some interesting stuff.

In 2008, we recieved 7,390,169 requests to the server, blowing out the year before it; which had 56,514 requests to the server. For the two months of this year, the site handled 902,474 requests so far. I'm pretty sure this is due to the forum which opened in december 2007.

We also seem to generally get the most requests to the site at around 2 AM, which is around when I'm typing this. Sort of funny that we're all night owls.

Also the most refferals we've gotten are from the Daizenshuu EX forums which I frequent. The next highest refferal rate was from the Mega Man site I visit the forums for as well, The Mega Man Network . So to my fellow Daizex and Mega Man Network users, thanks for visiting our site!

Other refferals of interest are not surprisingly from Google, and the Chrono Compendium.

Surprisingly, the most used browser for our website is actually Internet Explorer, with 5,993,231 requests coming from someone on that browser. Firefox does keep number two though, with 1,550,715 requests.

Just thought I'd share these statistics as I've found them. I never imagined we'd grow so much, so thank you to all our visitors!

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The Vagrant's Tale Turns 15, Gets Its Own Page! 

The Vagrant's Tale, with the release of Chapter 15, just got to be so long that it was given its very own series page! You know, Laserkid has a theory that my constantly updating The Vagrant's Tale is what got everyone else on their recent writing kicks as well. It's something he likes to call his Shining Light theory, maybe I'll talk about it in more detail in another front page update sometime. Anyways, in this latest chapter the trio of heroes finally meet Miran Via's student, Tallus Osmaard, and in the process find out that he wasn't exactly what Jysalef was expecting...

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The Lion, The Tiger, and the Bear - OH MY! 

As my colleague, Clovis, has been posting recently, we have been growing our fiction section as of late. Today is a major update in this section with two whole new series listings, and two new chapters in two other stories.

Staffer Myuumaster's new story The Path to Greatness, a tale of an aspiring young alchemist, has three chapters for your perusal:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Staffer Archangel's new story, Songs of the Azure Glade, a tale of a pair of indigent twins who find themselves thrown in the middle of a magical society, also starts with three chapters:

Chapter 1: Portal
Chapter 2: Wonders and Weirdos
Chapter 3: Settling In

Jason's Reign of Fire, a tale of magical fantasy where an unassuming man is caught in a conspiracy, has its fourth chapter up.

Lastly, My story Vampire Thunder, a story of a Dhampir prince who must save both humanity and vampires alike, has had its third chapter put up.

Of course, feel free to comment on these, and many other, stories on the forums!

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In the Newest WiiWare/Virtual Console Batch, Watch as the "MERCS" Get "LIT" Up!!! 

After so many WiiWare / Virtual Console updates that bored me to the point of tears, it's great to finally see one that once more has something to really sink your teeth into! On the Virtual Console side of the equation we get the top down action shooter game: MERCS, a Sega Genesis port of the arcade sequel to Capcom's Commando. This emulated offering increases the size of the Virtual Console library to 279. On the WiiWare side of things we get a title from developer Wayforward, the people who in the past brought us Shantae and Contra 4.

Their new title, LIT, is a survival horror action/puzzle title where you control a guy in a highschool trying to find his girlfriend. However, the problem is that there is evil in the darkness that will kill him instantly, and so he must find ways to illuminate rooms so that he can go through them. To this end he will break windows, turn on computer monitors, and more; however, be careful, it he turns on too many electronics at once the circuit breaker will blow and all the lights will go out at the same time. With multiple endings, 30 stages, five boss battles, and more; this one definitely seems to be a keeper at the price of a mere 800 wii points. This most excellent addition of LIT to the WiiWare library increases its size up to 68!

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