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Ultra Publications Updates

Preview of New CTU Credits, Plus Progress on Vagrant's Tale 

Since the credits to Episode 18 have been taking so long, there's just no way I'm getting the episode done this month as I originally promised. As I feel bad about this slow down, I decided to show you all a preview of the credits as they currently stand. The show's opening that is parodied here, in case you've never seen it before, is Iria.

In other news, The Vagrant's Tale is now up to Chapter 12. In the next chapter they will finally reach Kyosem City, where in they are supposed to meet with Miran Via's student Tallus Osmaard. I hope for those of you who are following it, the story has been proving an interesting read so far.

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Where is the Start Button Episode 6: Star Fox 64 

Yes, we're still at it, and up to episode 6, so heres the newest episode :D

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Chapter 10 of The Vagrant's Tale Concludes First Act of Four Part Story. 

Two more chapters are now available for The Vagrant's Tale! First we have Chapter 9 - "The Glein Empire, after that you can move on to Chapter 10 - "Named After Milk. Within these two chapters we get to watch as our heroes at long last hear the important matter that Miran Via wished to speak with them about, and then afterwards begin their trek forward to deal with the things said. Together, the previous ten chapters form the first act of this story: "Part I - A Night in Elpsiod". As the entire story will have four acts, I assume the finished product will probably be around 40 such chapters long.

Those of you wishing to discuss, or ask questions, about this story can do so on our forums!

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Celebrate the New Year with Chapter 8 of "The Vagrant's Tale!" 

So, 2008 has come and gone. Though it burned greatly for a while, with such great things as the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, its time in the limelight has at last come to an end. So, what better way to celebrate all of this than with The Vagrant's Tale - Chapter 8: "Tugging Vigorously"? In it our two wandering vagrants wake up in the morning at Miran Via's house to discover that it's currently being used as a full blown orphanage, and furthermore that Miran Via isn't too amused with the two of them at the moment either. Keep watching Ultra Publications for more chapters of The Vagrant's Tale in the near future!

If that wasn't enough of a way for you to celebrate the ringing in of 2009, you might also want to hear staff member LK's audio greeting to all the forums he slums patronizes! To discuss either The Vagrant's Tale, or any of the rest of this new year revelry, always be sure to check out our forums!

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In 2009's Respectable Final WW/VC Update, The Argonians Play Online Mii Enabled Pool! 

Let's get down to first things first, Nintendo definitely found a truly classic overlooked game to use for their final update of 2008. The final Virtual Console game to be released in 2008, featuring the time travelling adventures of a boy who formerly fought to save the Argonians with a yo-yo, is none other than 1994's "Star Tropics II: Zoda's Revenge"! As someone who has played through the game, nearly to the point of completion, I can fully reccomend this title as something that is immediately worth playing if you have not yet before done so. This amazing addition to the Virtual Console library raises the total number of classic titles available up to 273.

On the WiiWare side of things we get something that has both Mii Support, as well as online play, from Hudson for just a measly 500 points: "Cue Sports - Pool Revolution". The game features a variety of playing modes, including an edit mode so you can set up your own trick shot challenges. The other original offering this week is something called "Maboshi's Arcade", the description of which claims something confusing about gameplay across three windows simultaneously that currently doesn't make much sense to me. Together these two original titles up the amount of titles available on the US's WiiWare library up to 59.

You can discuss your love of online pool played with Miis, or perhaps even Mike's multiple quests to save the Argonians from the evil Zodas, over on our forums in this thread.

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