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Ultra Publications Updates - New background color, anime section rumblings

New background color, anime section rumblings 

Hello everyone, I know it's rare that an update is made that isn't by clovis, but I felt since some website rumblings have occured I should say something about them.

We have been hearing people did not like the design of this webpage, but DID like the CTU page, which is the same design with a different color scheme/theme. After looking at it quite a bit, we realized the gradient background for the sites content I made ages ago was the main culprit, and are now using the softer colored one I created for the CTU subsite. I think this helps a lot, but do make sure to tell us if not!

In other news, we're finally working on our anime section (formerly fansites section) - while nothings there yet beyond a spiffy new title graphic, we are hard at work right now working on new content for it - so stay tuned!

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