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Ultra Publications Updates - "Abobo's Big Adventure" is a Must Play!

"Abobo's Big Adventure" is a Must Play! 

Abobo's Big Adventure

The game that the people of i-Mockery spent 10 years working on - their ultimate love letter to all things of the NES era - is now finally here for your playing enjoyment, so quickly go out and help Abobo rescue Aboboy. Due to some issues with how IE 8 and up's security features can impede flash's ability to take input from arrow keys when the flash program is very process intensive, you will have to use a browser other than IE to play this game most likely with out constantly running into the arrow keys failing on you (while disabling security also works, I don't reccomend it). Do experiment a lot in this game, often times things you wish you could do - or think would be funny - are in fact programmed in and very doable. I encourage you to play all the way through to the end, the ending - as well as the entire rest of the game - is a definite must play.

The Vagrant's Tale on Amazon (currently discounted at $10.76): http://www.amazon.com/Vagrants-Tale-Clovis-Dye-Jr/dp/1463735359/

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