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Ultra Publications Updates - Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 23 (+Other News)

Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 23 (+Other News) 

After a year of waiting (really sorry about that, I'll explain that further down) Chrono Trigger Unglued: Episode 23 is finally here! Watch as Crono and Company discover that maybe going south wasn't the most productive of directions to travel through the raging dust storm in their quest for batteries to put in Lucca's Gate Key. They do - however - have their first encounter with the much lauded Enertron, there's just some minor issues of comfort that have to be overlooked when the device is used. Afterwards, Crono finally acquires some much needed Ether... sweet-sweet Ether!

As for why this episode took so long, my old laptop became virtually completely unusable near the beginning of this year when I found myself charged and wanting to get production on this episode done. Later when I did finally get a new laptop in March, I realized that if I didn't crank-up the writing on my book I would never get it published in time for my mom - who has cancer - to be able to see it before she died. I am glad to say I was able to get it done while she was still alive (she doesn't look so good right now, she probably won't be here much longer). After that, various other forms of delays kept stalling production such that it took 2 whole months to get the episode done after I finally began working on it.

I beg your apologies, I have sacked those responsible (including myself).

Those you who are interested in reading my 100% original book "The Vagrant's Tale" (which is heavily revised from the first draft I showed long ago, and now has 2 bonus chapters never before seen online) you can find it - in dead tree format - for sale here: http://www.amazon.com/Vagrants-Tale-Clovis-Dye-Jr/dp/1463735359/

Anyways, now that Episode 23 is out, a casting call for Dubbed Episode 3 will probably begin soon.


Our Let's Play group recently played through Knights of the Square Table to celebrate my having finished a book by looking at a really bad old text adventure I made way long ago in 1998. If old stuff isn't your taste - or at least stuff that effectively feels old - we're also taking a look at the recent Diablo III BETA, it's got exploding frogs as weapons in it! Finally, we bring back the Ultra Publications Revue Podcast to talk about all things new and old in regards to Thundercats!

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