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Ultra Publications Updates - CTU-23 Now in Active Production, More Book Cover News, Etc!

CTU-23 Now in Active Production, More Book Cover News, Etc! 

Okay, so I finally forced myself to get back to working on CTU Episode 23. After all, I can't permit myself to let a whole year go by where there wasn't a new episode released (the April Fool's gag episode, as well as voice track re-issues, do not count). I've currently got the menu, as well the entire 80 second Gaspar opening narration (one of my least favorite parts of any episode to put together), done and I will soon be moving on to the main meat and potatoes of this episode. Here's a single word hint of what this episode will have in store for all of you: Enertron. Barring any horrible life tragedies occuring in the near future, this should be out before the end of October. I will try to be better about making this series in 2012.

Furthermore - on other creative fronts - I've recently gotten to see a much updated preview of the in progress book cover to "The Vagrant's Tale", and it is currently looking fantastic. With any luck, no other ill fates shall befall the artist's tablet and she might just have it done very soon. This book is another thing I would really like to have out before the end of October, as I'd like for my mom to be able to see it before she dies of cancer.

In still other news, my LP group has finished its Let's Play of Duty & Beyond and is now working on a new one for Island of Dr. Brain, this is to celebrate our LP group's one year anniversay. We are currently already five episodes into the current project, and more episodes are expected to go up on Youtube very shortly.

Not counting "Fragile Dreams", which I've already mentioned here before, other games I have played through since I last posted here also include: "No More Heroes 2: Desperate Strugle", "Professor Layton and the Unwound Future" and "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link".

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