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Ultra Publications Updates - Core Editing of Vagrant's Tale Now at 100% Complete!

Core Editing of Vagrant's Tale Now at 100% Complete! 

Okay, so the editing of the original 40 chapters of "The Vagrant's Tale" is now 100% done. This is a good thing, in part because I'm really tired of doing it. Also, it seems that sometime next week the cover for the book will be done; it would have been done this week, but someone's puppy decided the stylus for their tablet would be a great toy for teething. Now I just need to write the bonus chapter, and some extras, and we'll be ready to go to print.

By the way, if you have a Wii and can actually find it you should really give "Fragile Dreams" a try. It's sort of like a cross between an action RPG and a survival horror game, with a heavy emphasis on environment exploration. The game is set in a world roughly 15 years, or maybe more, after some incident wiped out almost all of humanity. After the old man raising you dies, you begin exploring to try and find out what happened as well as find out if you're not completely alone in the world. The chills aren't from jumps so much as they are caused by the massive emptiness of the impressive decaying environments you search. Also, Johnny Yong Bosch voices the main character... that's always a plus.

Okay, so playing this is sort of non-conducive to getting the print edition extras made... but, seriously, I need a bit of a break after all that editing!

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