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Ultra Publications Updates - New CTU-22 Progress, Podcast Episode 6

New CTU-22 Progress, Podcast Episode 6 

So, the progress on Episode 22 of Chrono Trigger Unglued now stands at 20%. Furthermore, I intend to keep at this drive until this episode comes out in the near future (losing my job at Wal-Mart will help me to have a lot of time for that). I must admit, I wasn't exactly burning with energy to work with flash right now; however, today I saw that Ericho (the same Ericho that helped Kirbopher with the production of TTA, a series I adore) posted reviews on Episodes 17 and 19 of CTU that proclaimed they were the Super Mario Bros Z of Chrono Trigger. Hearing such magnanimous words, more specifically from someone who had actually been part of a major long running flash project series, caused me to burn with creative energy. So, look for CTU-22 in the near future.

Also, we recently released Episode 6 of the Ultra Publications: Revue. In this episode of our ocassionally updated podcast series, we go into great depth on the subject of the US release of Dungeon Fighter Online. Our guest for this epissode a long time regular of our forum, Wedge. Long story short, it's a great for anyone who liked arcadey beat'em-ups... but please do still listen to the episode all the same!

ADDENDUM: Sorry for some misinformation above, but it actually turns out that Ericho did not help in the production of TTA. While he was indeed one of the people that Kirbopher based a character on during season 2 of the epic flash series, he himself was in no way directly involved in production. Sorry for the earlier misinformation.

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