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Ultra Publications Updates - Progress on CTU Episode 20, Plus Episode 4 of the Podcast

Progress on CTU Episode 20, Plus Episode 4 of the Podcast 

Episode 4 of the Ultrapublications Revue is finally here, and it's all about Chrono Trigger Unglued! While there is a lot of useful information in this one, especially that many people not in production might not be privy to, I realize now when I relisten to it that I could have filled up an entire extra episode with stuff I wish I had talked about. Perhaps some time in the far off future we'll do another episode about CTU, this time preferably with Andrew "Cryo" Himes being there. Anyways, sorry about the massive delays in getting this latest episode out, I hope to have future episodes out in a far more timely fashion.

In other Chrono Trigger Unglued related news, production on Episode 20 is now really getting underway! I've already recorded and animated the Gaspar Sequence, created an all new preloader, and animated completely 2 of the 18 pages comprising the script for Episode 20. There is a very good chance that the next episode of CTU will be out sometime within the next two weeks, huzzah!

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