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Ultra Publications Updates - I, Clovis, Now Have an XBOX-360

I, Clovis, Now Have an XBOX-360 

So, I finally got an XBOX-360; thusly, I now have every game system for this generation that didn't come from Sony. I thought about getting one for a long while, but never quite was willing to go forward with the money expenditure. What put me over the top was when Wal-Mart was selling the arcade with a complimentary $100 giftcard; this - when you couple it with the fact I can both use my discount card on the purchase of the system, as well as the purchase of anything I then afterwards got with the gift card - was simply too good of an opportunity to pass up. It's currently hooked up to my HDTV with the exact same multi system component cables as my Wii is, so the lack of component cables in the purchase didn't effect me either. After getting it, I then turned around and used the gift card to both get Fallout 3 for 40 dollars; I also put another 40 down on a Capcom bundle that contained "Devil May Cry 4", "Dead Rising" and "Lost Planet: Colonies Edition". This is now officially the second time I have ever bought a system that wasn't by Nintendo, with the Dreamcast being the first; that I have a Playstation 1 is inconsequential, I only have it because a friend of my literally abandoned it intentionally at my house after he got a Playstation 2.

Don't bother asking for a gamertag; there is no way, due to where I have to put the system, that I'll be going online without a disgustingly overpriced wireless adaptor that I refuse to purchase.

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