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Ultra Publications Updates - Lost Winds 2 and Rygar (Arcade) Hit the Virtual Console / WiiWare Today

Lost Winds 2 and Rygar (Arcade) Hit the Virtual Console / WiiWare Today 

Today in the Nintendo Store Update there is "Lost Winds: Winter of Melodia" in the WiiWare section, as well as the arcade edition of Tecmo's Rygar in the Virtual console section; these two games will each set you back 1000 and 600 points respectively. Less interestingly, there was also put out today a ton of various stupid Domo-Kun themed games for the DSi's downloadable service. Anyways, the sizes of the Virtual Console and WiiWare libraries have today been risen respectively to the sizes of 321 and 130.

While some of the games released today are definitely good, Nintendo had better hurry up and release Cave Story already; at least, that is, if they think they're actually going to make real on their claims of getting it out during fall quarter. Speaking of which, there's also the matter of where the heck Tales of Monkey Island - Episode 3 currently is? Anyways, only next week will know the answers.

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