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Ultra Publications Updates - Site statistics - daaaaammn

Site statistics - daaaaammn 

So, I've recently been looking at statistics on our site, and thought I'd share some interesting stuff.

In 2008, we recieved 7,390,169 requests to the server, blowing out the year before it; which had 56,514 requests to the server. For the two months of this year, the site handled 902,474 requests so far. I'm pretty sure this is due to the forum which opened in december 2007.

We also seem to generally get the most requests to the site at around 2 AM, which is around when I'm typing this. Sort of funny that we're all night owls.

Also the most refferals we've gotten are from the Daizenshuu EX forums which I frequent. The next highest refferal rate was from the Mega Man site I visit the forums for as well, The Mega Man Network . So to my fellow Daizex and Mega Man Network users, thanks for visiting our site!

Other refferals of interest are not surprisingly from Google, and the Chrono Compendium.

Surprisingly, the most used browser for our website is actually Internet Explorer, with 5,993,231 requests coming from someone on that browser. Firefox does keep number two though, with 1,550,715 requests.

Just thought I'd share these statistics as I've found them. I never imagined we'd grow so much, so thank you to all our visitors!

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