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Ultra Publications Updates - Episode 17 of CTU Has Now Launched!!!

Episode 17 of CTU Has Now Launched!!! 

At long last Chrono Trigger Unglued - Episode 17: "Let's D-D-Duel!" is currently available on Newgrounds, it will also be made available on the Ultra Publications website as soon as possible.

Yep, after a bit more work than I originally thought it would take (it's a shorter episode, but parts of it took a ridiculously disproportionate amount of work), I finally have Episode-17 of CTU ready for your flash perusing pleasure. The script to Episode 18 is already written, and so is most of the preproduction, so Ideally I'd like to have it out before the end of this year (and there's no parts in it that should be difficult, either). However, this is one new snag in all of this. I now have a job at Wal-Mart of all places, it somewhat makes me wonder why I bothered to become a College Graduate in the first place. Oh well, it's all I can really do without any actual job experience. *SIGH*

Anyways, maybe with some help from all of you this will be the third episode of CTU in a row to get a daily trophy (one of the top five NG submissions for the day).

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