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Ultra Publications Updates - Archangel's Forum Digest for August 1 - 7, 2008

Archangel's Forum Digest for August 1 - 7, 2008 

As much as I hate to steal the top spot back from Laserkid, it's time for me to emerge from my not-so-secret angelic lair and bring you another fun-filled Forum Digest! And it's even on the right day of the week this time!

In The News
- Another valiant batchelor bites the dust. Heartfelt congratulations to him and his bride from the entire UP staff! :)
- Despite no need for us to know it, more news just keeps pouring in! This week: karaoke stabbity, the awesomeness of Jim Davis, bureaucratic stupidity of high order, and yawning dogs.
- It's that time of month for everyone again! ...I meant it's time to share what games you're playing, you pervert. Get your mind out of the gutter!
- We now have an update schedule for There She Is! - Step 4. W00t!
- Yahtzee LIVES! Technically, anyway.
- Sega admits that pretty much every Sonic game after 3 has been made of Fail and AIDS. Someone call Captain Obvious!
- It seems that Capcom might be serious about designing RE5 with the Wii in mind. That'd be awesome for many of the folks here.
- Speaking of the Wii, it looks like the WiiMotion Plus/WiiPommel is going to be cheap to buy. So that's a relief!
- Thailand bans GTA4 after an idiot kid tries to jack a taxi, imitating the game. Because we all know the only way to deal with the few morons who can't distinguish fantasy from reality is to punish everybody!
- Looks like taking emulation way too far with MM9 will be an optional feature. Whew.
- The prolific and awesome YouTuber Deceased Crab starts in on Peasant's Quest!
- The question is posed: does anybody here read? The answer, it seems, is very yes.

Sports Page
- It's been a slow and somewhat frustrating week in Guess That Character. No scores as we all try to crack into The Magus' head. The current round is at three hints and proceeding. Come play! (God knows I'm stumped.)

Arts & Entertainment
- Laserkid's first article in UP's "WTF?" series has been posted, as the man himself told us on Sunday. In this edition, the Neo Geo! Also, thread!
- Page 45 of Patchwork Family is up, and looks even cooler than usual! Share how much you want to smack the bitch lady! Smack mah bitch up, yo! ^^
- Special sneak preview of CTU Episode 17!
- Speaking of CTU, our intrepid webmaster has overhauled the episode selection page!
- A whopping five movie reviews from Brett this week!

And that's it, ladies, gentlemen, and all the rest of you. Thank you for reading, and good day.

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