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Ultra Publications Updates - New article: Neo Geo WTF, and other site matters, and Mega Man 9

New article: Neo Geo WTF, and other site matters, and Mega Man 9 

Hello everyone, long time no see! It certainly has been a while since I updated this page. Ever since we created this new update system, its pretty much been Archangel's forum digest. Sure at first Clovis updated and I merely put up embedded videos. But now, I am going to take that spotlight back for a moment.

For you see I have created a new article for the site, Neo Geo: WTF, the newest article, and my first, in the WTF series.

In other news, please watch this space for updates regarding the written works section, as we are nearing its actual launch (intrepid viewers may have noticed the fanfiction section has been there for a while, but we didn't post an official update as the rest of that area has not yet been completed).

Lastly, for the few remaining Super Mario Bros. Unlimited readers I have left, I apologize for the long hiatus SMB Unlimited has had. Due to a new job and school constraints my time has been limited, but I intend to be back in the full swing of the comic by the end of the month.

And because I'm a cheeky fellow who still enjoys embedding videos, for those of you who've been under a rock, here's Mega Man 9's trailer.

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