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Ultra Publications Updates - Lots of New Stuff to See on the U.P.!

Lots of New Stuff to See on the U.P.! 

Alright, so here we are with another update under the new and improved front page update system. There's quite a bit of ground to get covered, so let's get started.

- Okay, first of all, I've recently released the newest page of my long running (time-wise, if not length-wise) webcomic series: Work-Study! This particular episode reveals WS-Clovis's patented anger stress management techniques! You can find Episode 75 both on my Deviant Art Account and at the comic's official webpage here on Ultra Publications! Where ever you choose to read, you're sure to have fun.

- Secondly, Page 17 of Super Mario Bros. Unlimited has come out this week. Watch as the Mario Bros finally get back to the Princess's Castle, only to find out that their worst fears were true (don't look at me like I've just given a spoiler, if you didn't see this coming you need your head checked).

- Furthermore, we have a new video game review of Mass Effect. This review comes to us from our vew own forum user: Thunder God X. The discussion thread for the review can be found here.

- Lastly, we apologize for the current mess and constantly changing nature of the Video Game review section of this website. We are currently in the process of rennovating the area. It will be stabilized, and better looking than ever, soon enough.

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