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Ultra Publications Updates

How I Got Unintentionally Punk'd This Halloween... 

I sent the following message to Nicalis last night:

"I recently acquired Cave Story Wii after the updated version went up, and it has been a blast so far. However, I encountered a vexing oddity tonight that refuses to go away. When I loaded Cave Story tonight, the main character had the red of his hat and pants replaced with a very dark - nearly black - navi blue; afterwards, when I loaded up my save file, he was suddenly the same way in that as well. Up until now his hat and pants had been red colored, the save had been made just before you go into to the desert area. Nothing I could do could get this to stop, I have even deleted both the game and save file along the way numerous times already. So far, once it started doing this, the main character only appears in his correct outfit colors on all copies of the game I have installed if I don't create a save file at all (but you can't really play without a save file). Do you have any idea what I can do to remedy this?"

I got this reponse this morning:

"You actually haven't encountered a glitch, but a trick (or treat) we put in for fans. The main character is getting ready for Halloween.

Sorry if it has caused you some confusion."

*head hit floor repeatedly*

So, basically, I freaked out and deleted my save over a time sensitive Easter Egg (this only works if you redownloaded the game after they updated it on the 18th of this month).

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Elegy for a DS, Plus Some Work-Study News 

Well, my DS that I've had since February of 2005 has finally decided to recieve a mortal wound. The right hinge is busted out completely; while it still turns on and all that good stuff, it can only go down hill from here. With all the essential wires to the upper monitor being in the left hinge, this increased ability to move around in wrong ways will insure that it's only a matter of time before it all comes to a very bitter end. Oh well, it's been a full five years of faithful service at this point... and besides, I was looking for a good excuse to justify to myself the purchase of a DS-Lite for quite some time now. Well, my DS, this Code Red's for you... *pour*

Special thanks to Laserkid forced me to take this DS as a gift when I, still angry with the GBC and GBA, was completely refusing to even look at Nintendo's fourth era of handhelds. Otherwise, I would never have discovered the likes of Professor Layton, Phoenix Wright, or the Elite Beat Agents! Now wouldn't that have been a shame for Work-Study?

Anyways, speaking of Work-Study, our newest page is the beginning of a rather lengthy story arc (at least by the standards of Work-Study) that I've been promising for a long time now... I hope you all enjoy it as much as I've been looking forward to it happen.

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I, Clovis, Now Have an XBOX-360 

So, I finally got an XBOX-360; thusly, I now have every game system for this generation that didn't come from Sony. I thought about getting one for a long while, but never quite was willing to go forward with the money expenditure. What put me over the top was when Wal-Mart was selling the arcade with a complimentary $100 giftcard; this - when you couple it with the fact I can both use my discount card on the purchase of the system, as well as the purchase of anything I then afterwards got with the gift card - was simply too good of an opportunity to pass up. It's currently hooked up to my HDTV with the exact same multi system component cables as my Wii is, so the lack of component cables in the purchase didn't effect me either. After getting it, I then turned around and used the gift card to both get Fallout 3 for 40 dollars; I also put another 40 down on a Capcom bundle that contained "Devil May Cry 4", "Dead Rising" and "Lost Planet: Colonies Edition". This is now officially the second time I have ever bought a system that wasn't by Nintendo, with the Dreamcast being the first; that I have a Playstation 1 is inconsequential, I only have it because a friend of my literally abandoned it intentionally at my house after he got a Playstation 2.

Don't bother asking for a gamertag; there is no way, due to where I have to put the system, that I'll be going online without a disgustingly overpriced wireless adaptor that I refuse to purchase.

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Allow myself to introduce... myself. 

Hello there, UP readers. You might remember me as that dude from that game blog, Segata Sanshiro Shrine, which is now very awesomely hosted here. You also might remember me as that guy who did that Gears of War review, or something.

Anyway, I'll be updating the UP news feed with various, random things from time to time. I make no big promises, but I'll attempt to at least be mildly entertaining.

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Moving is painful 

As those intrepid enough to read the forum know, Archangel and I have moved together into an apartment. My legs and arms are ridiculously sore from moving couches, beds, a stereo cabinet, shelves, and more boxes then you can shake a stick at.

The good news is the hard part is done. The bad news? Qwest internet wont be installed for a few weeks. AA and I found a free wifi in the area (entitled "camp to belong" which is not locked), so we can come online to post a few things here and there but don't expect heavy site updates from us until Qwest gets us set up. Those lazy louts. *shakes fist violently*

Right now I'm at work, and Archangel should be hunting for a bed (my folks lent him an airbed, but that's only so comfy). I imagine once he's done that, he'll post the, once again, late forum digest. But I wanted to let everyone know what was going on.

So see you all on the forums and such.

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