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Ultra Publications Updates

Secret of Mana Theater Lives Once More! 

Secret of Mana Theater

All 286 episodes are now online once more, no longer lost to the virus plague that wiped out everything! I highly recomend this for viewing, as it was a major source of inspiration for me in my work with CTU. While the series never reached its conclusionb ack in the day, it's still well worth watching all the same. Fear not, these 286 episodes are far shorter than the average CTU episode (it was, after all, updated two times a week during its prime). I think I will now have to get reacquainted with an old friend in the near future.

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Epic Chrono Trigger Parody Webcomic You Should All Read! 


Actually, despite being involved in a major Chrono Trigger parody myself, I rarely am a fan of the parodies of Chrono Trigger that are to be found on the web. This here webcomic, which I fell in love with tonight, is the second time I found a parody that I whole-heartedly approve of (the first time, of course, eventually lead to me inheriting CTU). It was around page-4, when Gato showed up, that I knew I loved this and had to see more; coincidentally, it was in episode 3 of CTU when Gato showed up that I fell in love with it as well. Anyways, this is something I demand all fans of CTU rush out and go read right now.

In other news, I promise I will start working on CTU-20 soon. Certain sleep deprivation issues that were preventing me from working on it may be resolving soon, I am very sorry that there has been a new episode yet. I swear, I have not abandoned the series!

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Turbo (Amazing Online Indie Film), Plus CTU-20 News!!! 

Turbo: The Film

Hard to believe this was done for only 100k, it's actually rather impressive. This 30 minute short film was done as the person's graduation thesis; and - because he wanted to own so that it wouldn't be locked away forever in the school's vault after finishing it - this was made with capital that he had to raise all by himself. After watching the film, I was so impressed that I immediately tossed him the 10 dollar asking price for the DVD.


The script for Episode 20 has been completed, and preproduction on it is already under way. Although I can make no promises, especially since such promises always end up proving false, a part of me would like this episode to be out very soon. In particular, I would like it if I get it out before the end of this year. Yes, this is the despite the fact that retail eats up both time and sometimes sanity.

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Studio Gonzo Has Closed 

According to the latest issue of the Anime Corner Store weekly newsletter, Studio Gonzo - after first firesell style offering all their still unlicensed shows to Funimation - has officially closed their doors. Apparently Gonzo, a company that used to be known for a range of inventive shows, simply couldn't make ends meet with their more recent full bore plan based on nothing but moe and panty shots. I will miss Gonzo, but only for the company they used to be; I will most certainly not miss the company they eventually died as.

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Wyldfire and Sunrie's GAME RANGER: EPISODE 3 is now here! 

Sunrie and Wyldfire, people I met because of their perpetual rabid support of CTU, have finally released the third episode in their flash animated series "Captain R: The Game Ranger".

Episode 1 EX: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/421872

Episode 2 - Part 1: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/378788
Episode 2 - Part 2: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/378789

Episode 3: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/502549

NOTE: Episode 3 looks far better than the first two episodes, and they've also extremely cut back on the swearing seen in episode 1 (something myself, and many others, strongly urged them to do). Yes, they did in fact make a certain scene in Episode 2 after being inspired by Episode 11 of CTU; at least that's what they told me, anyways. I know they hope to get some of the CTU voicers to help them with Episode 4 now that they've finally gotten Episode 3 out, which took them quite a long time to do.

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