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Ultra Publications Updates

An Ultra Publications Let's Play of THE CASTLE OF DR BRAIN! 

Recently, members of the Ultra Publications Crew attempted to sally forth in an effort to apply to a lab assistant notice from Dr Brain in the want ads. It said we had to apply for the job in person, but thus far his castle has been proving a touch troublesome for us. How on earth are we go to apply in person if we can't first get through THE CASTLE OF DR BRAIN! Contained within are the first two parts of our epic tribulations where we are harrowed greatly both by puzzles far more diabolical than they seem, as well as some truly attrocious puns.

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This Week's Wii Store Update Has Shiny Axes, Islands of Monkeys, and Hungry Zombies!!! 

This week's Nintendo Wii Store update is far better than they usually are. On the Virtual Console side of things we have been given both Zombie Ate My Neighbors (Genesis) and Golden Axe (Arcade), which will set you back 800 and 900 Points respectively; together these two titles increase the size of the Virtual Console library in the US up to 323 titles. On the WiiWare side of the equation we get both Tales of Monkey Island - Episode 3 and something called Ghost Mansion Party (which is probably 100% irrelevant as its from Gameloft), these original offerings cost are being made available at 1000 points each. So, with one good item and one bad item, the size of the number of original items available in the US's WiiWare section has been increased to 132.

With three out of the four items being good, this was quite the week for the weekly Wii Store update; however, the question still remains as to when Cave Story will finally come out. Nintendo did say that they promised us it would be out this fall quarter, yet - once again - they have chosen to ignore the fact it was already done and put out something stupid by Gameloft instead. NIntendo could probably make a significant improvement to the quality of these weekly updates if they'd just ban Gameloft, and a few others, from spamming them constantly with crap that can barely be called software.

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Lost Winds 2 and Rygar (Arcade) Hit the Virtual Console / WiiWare Today 

Today in the Nintendo Store Update there is "Lost Winds: Winter of Melodia" in the WiiWare section, as well as the arcade edition of Tecmo's Rygar in the Virtual console section; these two games will each set you back 1000 and 600 points respectively. Less interestingly, there was also put out today a ton of various stupid Domo-Kun themed games for the DSi's downloadable service. Anyways, the sizes of the Virtual Console and WiiWare libraries have today been risen respectively to the sizes of 321 and 130.

While some of the games released today are definitely good, Nintendo had better hurry up and release Cave Story already; at least, that is, if they think they're actually going to make real on their claims of getting it out during fall quarter. Speaking of which, there's also the matter of where the heck Tales of Monkey Island - Episode 3 currently is? Anyways, only next week will know the answers.

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Capcom skips Street Fighter IV Turbo 

Yes, you heard me. It's so not news that, given SFIV's popularity, Capcom would milk the game engine. What surprises me is the name...

Wow, SUPER Street Fighter IV, we just skipped the Turbo phase boys and girls! I now have to wonder what the immininent part 3 of SFIV will be called. Capcom says it's too big to be a patch download, so it's a disc game, but it'll market for around $40, and have extra bonus' for us poor schmucks who bought the original game. Not that I mind much, I got the special edition of SFIV with the linker anime movie from SFII to SFIV (SFIV is a midquel yo, taking place between II and III).

I'll leave you with a shot of a returning character, who was introduced the last time Capcom used the super prefix for Street Fighter.


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Sin and Punishment 2 hits Japan on October 29th 

Ultra Publications staff favorite, Sin and Punishment, has it's sequel finally hitting the Wii. Nintendo of America confirmed long ago a Q1 2010 release in the states, but said the JP release would be after that. Does this mean we get the game sooner? I certainly hope so. Oh, here's a look at the box art while I'm at it.

The game's subtitle, Sora no Kokeisha roughly translated "Successor of the Sky" sounds pretty kick ass considering the first game's subtitle was Successor to the Earth - I sense a theme here. Sourcing the original report in the related link but HUGE thanks to Go Nintendo, where I found the story first. Are YOU ready to pick up your Cannon Sword again, and defend the Earth? I know I sure am!

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