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I have learned many extremely important things in my life. One is, “Do NOT let your niece do the dishes.” I know you’re probably thinking, “What are you talking about?” That’s an easy job. Well not for some! You see my niece, Bryana, is a year younger than me, and even though she is very smart, she sometimes just doesn’t have very much common sense.

The story unfolds like this. About a year ago it was just Bryana and I at the house, and we wanted to go to the movies. We decided that we would tidy up the house, and earn some brownie points at the same time. You should be aware that earning extra brownie points usually doesn’t help get what you want from your parents. That was our first mistake that day. The second was letting Bryana be in charge of the kitchen. She cleaned up the counter, sorted the mail, took out the trash, and then proceeded to load the dishwasher. During this time I was dusting, and vacuuming, the living and dining rooms.

Up until that point everything was running smoothly and, if I say so myself, the house was looking good; but then Bryana asked, “Where’s the dish soap?” Before I could answer, she chimed in with “Never mind, I found it!” Okay, no big deal right? Wrong! When she said dish soap, she meant dish soap. To be exact it, was Dawn dish soap; the blue kind you get at Wal-Mart. For those of you who are thinking, “So what - big deal - soap is soap, right?” Wrong again, Dawn dish soap makes tons of bubbles from just a couple drops from the bottle. Now this is Bryana we are talking about; she not only filled the slot with the lid but also filled the extra one for the heavy duty cleaning.

This is where it gets ugly, because after the five minute rinse cycle was over all the soap released. In moments the dishwasher actually looked like something out of a movie. You know the one where suds, suds and more suds are spewing out with no end in sight. Bryana yells, “Auntie Geli… Auntie Geli!” She only calls me Auntie Geli when something is wrong nowadays, so I knew something was wrong. Then, of course, she said, “Help!” Oh no, what’s wrong? I thought as I ran to the kitchen and viewed the scene.

The dishwasher was going crazy spewing suds and bubbles everywhere. Bryana tried to walk through the puddle of soap to turn off the dishwasher, but she slipped and fell; I promise I was trying not to laugh. I really was, but I couldn’t help it. As I was laughing at her, I tried to help, but we both ended up on the sudsy kitchen floor. About this same time my mother called to check on us – and, as all good children would do - we tried to hide what was happening from her, only to find out she was just five minutes from home. I quickly ran to the towel closet and pulled out every last one to cover the kitchen floor with towels. By this time Bryana had finally managed to turn off the dishwasher.

Do you have any idea how many sinks full of suds, and how much water, it takes to wash down the drain six inches of suds off the kitchen floor? Well, I can’t actually tell you the number, either. Let’s put it this way, every time we filled the sink with suds from the floor they multiplied when we tried washing down them the drain. As every great mother would do when her children have created a mess, she dug right in and spent the next hour cleaning up the suds! Once we thought the mess was completely cleaned up, we opened the dishwasher and viola: a wall of suds. Needless to say, Bryana and I didn’t get to the movie that night. Well, it was just another life lesson well learned.